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Aardvark Weekly 27 August 99
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Dateline: 3 December 1999 All Day Edition
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A Heads-up -- The Aardvark Awards
No editorial today but just a reminder that it's once again time for the Aardvark Industry awards -- where you get to choose the best and worst of the Internet.

Just in case you've forgotten the categories, or who won what last year, check out the 1998 Awards.

Start thinking about who you're going to nominate and vote for -- the form will towards the middle of next week.


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Load in new window Ihug offers $99 digital TV Xmas present
Ihug has fired its first real shot in the digital TV market with a $99 set-up offer to existing subscribers. Senior executives from the Korean company providing Ihug's technology visit next week to see the system in action...

Load in new window Cable charges stir up Big Pond users
TELSTRA'S flagship cable Internet service, Big Pond Advance, is in disarray tonight following plans by the carrier to effectively shut down its users' sites...

Load in new window Channel Nine hit by Melissa virus variant
Channel Nine has become one of the first Australian companies to be hit by the latest version of the Melissa virus...

Load in new window Kiwis Brace for Political Change
New Zealand has elected a dramatically new government, including a transgender member of Parliament. How will the new Labour government affect the Internet industry?...

Load in new window Amazon denies misleading discount claims
Amazon.co.uk has been misleading customers about the size of the discount it offers on some its books...
The Register

Load in new window Amazon wins first round in Barnesandnoble.com suit
A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction barring online bookseller Barnesandnoble.com from using technology that rival Amazon.com claims is patented...

Load in new window AOL to bring Net phone calls to instant messaging
America Online today announced a deal with Net2Phone that will allow users of its Instant Messenger technology to place and receive phone calls between computers, phones and fax machines...

Load in new window eBay Tops Media Metrix List of Top E-Commerce Sites
Holiday shoppers opted to check off their gift lists online with a visit to Web auctioneer eBay Inc. (EBAY.O), which topped Media Metrix's list of top 10 electronic commerce sites for the week of November 28...

Load in new window Teenagers Desert The Internet, Study Finds
U.S. teenagers are deserting the Web in droves, according to research by London's Brunel University...

Load in new window Domain name real estate soars higher than ever
This week, US Net entrepreneur Marc Ostrofsky sold the domain name "business.com" for a cool $7.5 million. People said he was mad when he paid $150,000 for it three years ago...
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