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Aardvark Weekly 27 August 99
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Dateline: 13 December 1999 All Day Edition
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Excuse Me?
Is there an echo on the Net?

The reason I ask is that regular Aardvark readers will be aware that the Flying Pig site was stuck on a spit and pit-roasted by Aardvark and its readers several weeks ago.

Then... as if by Magic, this site issued its roach awards, strongly criticising the Flying Pig and mentioning many of the faults that were already highlighted here.

Funny that IDG who, to date seem to have been happy publishing endless articles praising the Flying Pig and Sounds Music with not a whiff of objectivity have seen fit to highlight that this other site has found fault -- while carefully ignoring exactly the same observations by Aardvark and its readers.

Okay, so it's understandable that other Web publishers would also notice the outstanding gaffes of the Flying Pig, and I realise that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery -- but now I see that this other site "is now promising a head-to-head assessment of New Zealand music e-tailers" -- according to IDG.

Well blow me down -- why didn't *I* think of something similar -- such as canvassing readers for their choice of the best online shopping sites and highlighting some winners such as Cranium's music site?

I feel flattered to bits ;-)

But seriously -- it's great to see another local site taking an analytical look at the NZ Web and the sites to be found there. I wish them good luck.

Don't forget this week's survey... Note I've upped the price a bit, many people thought that $100 was a bit restrictive.

What is the Net/Computer/Geek gift YOU would most like to receive if someone was spending $200 or less on you?

Answers on the front of a contact form please.


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