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Aardvark Weekly 27 August 99
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Dateline: 20 December 1999 All Day Edition
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It's That Time Of The Year
Yes, once again it's time for readers to vote in the annual Aardvark Industry Awards.

Unlike so many others, the Aardvark Awards are handed out solely by the readers -- you are the only judges.

You'll find last year's winners here and this year's voting form here.

Remember -- one lucky voter will be chosen at random to win a brand new Microsoft eunuch-Mouse (officially known as the IntelliMouse) with a cool ball-free approach to mouse maneuvering.


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Load in new window Amazon Founder Named Time's Man Of The Year
A 35-year-old Internet entrepreneur has been named Time magazine's Man of the Year, highlighting how the web has changed the world of international business...

Load in new window Australian Internet shoppers warned as contraband seized
Christmas shoppers have been warned to make sure items they order through the Internet were legally allowed to enter Australia...

Load in new window Code takes bite out of porn legislation, critics claim
The ABA last week agreed to the internet industry's code of conduct, creating a situation which critics of the Government's net-porn policy say is almost the same as no censorship at all...

Load in new window US Court overturns fake child porn act
Case may also weigh on Patrick Naughton's chances to overturn his conviction on child porn possession...

Load in new window Yahoo tangles with GeoCities volunteer community leaders
Yahoo is facing another uprising among volunteers on its GeoCities community site in a clash that underscores widening cracks between grassroots Internet users and their commercial sponsors...

Load in new window Security hole found in Click TV Web site
A security hole in Click TV's Web site will allow access to individuals' email addresses and passwords through a simple routine which a five year old could crack...
The Register

Load in new window Top Web sites compromise consumer privacy
Online holiday shopping is expected to deliver record sales for e-tailers this year, but a new study finds it may put consumers' privacy at risk...

Load in new window Ask Jeeves Says to Defend Patent Suit by MIT Profs
Online search service Ask Jeeves Inc. on Friday rejected allegations that it has infringed on patents held by two professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and termed ``without merit'' a lawsuit based on those charges....

Load in new window The Naked Truth: Privacy And Online Shopping
Of 100 most popular e-commerce sites, none passed the test of protecting the privacy of personal information...

Load in new window The Amazon of All Boycotts
A Linux pioneer is leading a fight against Amazon.com, claiming the mammoth e-tailer is trying to squelch competition by patenting its purchasing process...

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