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Dateline: 6 January 2000 All Day Edition
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Welcome To The New Year
Welcome to the first Aardvark Daily of the new millennium -- yawn!

Thank goodness we can finally watch TV, read the newspaper and listen to the radio without a relentless barrage of Y2K warnings -- and at last programmers can get back to using two digits for the year again because, after all, none of us will be around in 2100 when such a shortcut could again cause a problem ;-)

Fortunately, apart from a few small and isolated snafus, the Y2K problem was largely a non-event -- as most "informed" people figured it would be.

As I write today's column I'm still busy counting votes in the Aardvark Awards and I'm pleased to say that there was a huge response. Perhaps it's just that Aardvark has more readers than it did last year or maybe it's the prospect of winning a Microsoft eunuch-Mouse that has spurred you all to cast your vote -- either way it doesn't matter but it does mean a lot more work for me.

Net-related news is still a bit thin on the ground at present -- it looks almost as if the whole industry, world-wide, is engaging in one of those Kiwi Christmases that last until the end of January. So, when there's not enough stuff that's directly Net related to fill the daily headlines, I'll be supplementing it with other interesting tech-related items.

Coming up over the next week or so I'll be announcing the results of the awards vote and I'll also be reviewing my predictions for 1999 and making some bold new ones for 2000.

Stay Tuned...


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Load in new window NZ ministry makes plea for tax-free R&D
New Zealand's Ministry of Research, Science and Technology has sought a rethink on taxing private companies' research and development efforts...

Load in new window Sex industry keen to test online laws
The [Australian] Federal Government's new laws to crack down on Internet pornography are unconstitutional and could be tested in the High Court, a sex industry lobby group claims...

Load in new window Microsoft patches Hotmail hole
The company confirms that it has fixed another JavaScript bug that could have posed a security risk to users of its Hotmail free email service...

Load in new window Yahoo, RealNetworks extend media contract
The Web portal announces it has extended its relationship with RealNetworks after weeks of speculation that the companies were at a crossroads...

Load in new window Amazon 99 sales triple
A strong surge in holiday sales helped Amazon.com more than triple its revenue to $2.6 billion during 1999, but the online retailer warned the increase would do little to improve its fourth-quarter bottom line...

Load in new window Dutch Town Launches Pedophile Tracking on the Web
A Web site pinpointing areas where former child sex offenders are living will be launched in the eastern Dutch town of Enschede this month, Dutch news agency ANP reported on Wednesday...

Load in new window $10M Web Address Bid Said Hoax
Online auctioneer eBay Inc. said Tuesday that a $10 million bid for the Web address www.year2000.com is apparently a hoax...

Load in new window Watchdog curbs world zone DVD players
The DVD Copy Control Association has issued a subtle reminder to DVD makers not to produce any more world zone players...

Load in new window Strike One Against Cybersquatting
Will the new Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act prove to be a good way to curb domain squatting or a tool ripe for abuse by corporate lawyers? The owner of newyorkyankees.com is one defendant who's about to find out...

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