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New Zealand

4  Anderton Announces More Grants To Small Business
"New Zealanders are clearly brimming with new business ideas," said Acting Prime Minister Jim Anderton today announcing more winners of Industry New Zealand Enterprise Awards...
Newsroom (Govt. Press Release)

4  Brain-drain students owe $175m
Nearly 12,000 former students have fled New Zealand, leaving behind $175 million in unpaid student loans, new figures show...
NZ Herald


4  Cable's broadband lead whittled by DSL, satellite services
DSL providers continue to erode the cable industry's domestic broadband market lead, a federal report said Monday, with direct broadcast satellite providers poised for gains...

4  AOL, Time Warner turn magazine On with relaunch
America Online and Time Warner said Tuesday that they plan to relaunch Time Digital magazine, using the Internet giant's marketing prowess to promote the new publication...

4  Free ISPs Fight Over Dwindling Ad Space
Mantra of no-charge Net access gives way to traditional business command: Pay up...

4  IRC: Attack From Killer 'HaX0rZ'
One of the Internet's oldest forms of P2P communication may soon go on life support. As if chat rooms and instant messaging weren't enough to kill it off, now it's facing severe denial of service attacks from frustrated "HaX0rz" (hackers)...

4  PS2, I'm Not Sure I Love You
Three months ago, Sony's new game console was all the rage. Everyone wanted one, but only a few got them. One of these days Sony will restock the stores. But with Microsoft's Xbox coming soon, does anybody care?...


4  Ecorp hits new low as Internet stocks slide
Shares in Internet portal group ecorp, majority-owned by Kerry Packer's media and gaming group Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, hit a record low as concerns over Internet earnings prospects deepened...

4  Fairfax to split f2 content managment role as part of reshuffle
John Fairfax Holdings today said it would split the running of the commerce and content business at its f2 online unit after a major management reshuffle within the newspaper group...


4  Deathwatch begins for Salon.com
Call it a hunch, but I don't think the online magazine Salon will survive year one of the Clinton Downturn. Twice during the past year, it has followed dot-com protocol by dumping staff, supposedly reducing expenses to pave the way to profitability...
Boston Globe

4  Analyst Downgrades Amazon.com
Investment bank Robertson Stephens said analyst Lauren Cook Levitan cut her rating on Internet retailer Amazon.com Inc. to market performer from long-term attractive on Tuesday...

4  Sun makes headway toward StarOffice 6
Sun Microsystems on Tuesday will release the latest draft specification of the XML file format that will be included in the next version of its StarOffice software suite due out later this year...

4  SMS traffic prompts charging rethink
The popularity of mobile text messaging is forcing Britain's network operators to change the way they charge each other to pass the data around...

4  Turkish Children Arrested in Internet Cafes
Around 130 Turkish children were briefly detained by police in the central Anatolian town of Kirikkale for hanging out in Internet cafes that officials feared could corrupt them, newspapers reported Tuesday...