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New Zealand

4  Spam4free strikes again
Spam continues to spew from i4free and its affiliated companies - and this time it's the staff sending it out...

4  Web sites go four letter
New Zealand Web-users can now register seven "offensive Anglo-Saxon biological terms" as domain names...
NZ Herald

4  Voyager future looks unclear
The future ownership of internet service provider Voyager looks uncertain as the planned $A350 million ($437.5 million) purchase of Voyager parent OzEmail Internet by Eisa begins to unravel....
NZ Herald

4  No midnight stampede for rude domains
Nobody appears to have rushed to register .nz domain names based on seven "offensive" words since a ban was lifted at midnight last night...


4  New Linux kernel a little closer to release
The Linux community passed another milestone in the development of the next version of the Linux operating system this week, but in a way that would make Microsoft proud...

4  Google Bets The Ranch On Linux
Search engine Google has deployed 4,000 Linux servers, with plans to increase to 6,000 this year, making it possibly the largest Linux installation in the world...

4  Pop Star Michael Jackson Invests in Web Site
Pop singer Michael Jackson has launched a new business career on the Internet by taking a stake in Web start-up HollywoodTicket.com Inc, which is billing itself as an entertainment marketing vehicle...


4  Government heads bush with Internet access plan
Remote Australian communities are set to get Internet access for the cost of a local phone call under the latest round of funding from the proceeds of the second Telstra sale...

4  Mobiles safe: radiation expert
MOBILE phones pose no health risks but hands-free devices are still a good idea, a radiation expert says...
Australian IT

4  Internet creating new opportunities for money laundering
Rapid growth of the Internet and e-commerce provided criminals with new opportunities to launder money, Australia's Justice and Customs Minister Amanda Vanstone has warned...


4  Online Music Gets a Boost
The first of the major music labels ended its online holdout and began selling music downloads Wednesday. MP3.com members can now buy concert tickets using cell phones...

4  Instant messaging start-up connects AIM, ICQ
Start-up instant messaging firm Odigo says it has released new software that will tear down the barrier between America Online's popular AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ...

4  Network Solutions Offers Web Addresses to China
Network Solutions Inc. , the No. 1 Internet domain name registrar, said on Wednesday it would offer free and discounted Web addresses to the Chinese government...

4  VeriSign Unveils Online Security Products
Internet security firm VeriSign Inc. on Wednesday said it would offer a range of new products and services to safeguard transactions over networks and allow them to be accessed from various types of Internet devices...