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New Zealand

4  Travel.co.nz launches aggressive corporate offering
Online travel agency travel.co.nz is promising to "infuriate" its competition with its new corporate travel service, 'connect'...


4  Judge Jackson Gives More Time
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, requesting additional filings from both sides, will take a few more days than expected to rule on what punishments Microsoft will bear in its anti-trust case....

4  Judge sides with Yahoo in credit card dispute
Yahoo convinced a federal judge to lift a temporary restraining order barring the Internet portal from blocking the email account of a subscriber who refused to provide his credit card number...

4  Tech upstarts get the boot
Just three months after its biggest-ever shake-up, London's benchmark FTSE 100 index is set for another major transformation, with a handful of technology upstarts likely to be ejected from the index, reflecting the woes of the "new economy"...

4  New Linux kernel a little closer to release
The Linux community passed another milestone in the development of the next version of the Linux operating system this week, but in a way that would make Microsoft proud...

4  Web security goes nuclear
Britain's Ministry of Defense is offloading Cold War-era nuclear bunkers ... and Net companies are snapping them up....

4  Egypt Dismisses Net Divorce Case
An Egyptian court has refused to uphold a divorce notice sent by a Muslim man to his wife by e-mail, saying Islamic laws cannot be interpreted to accept electronic documents as evidence, court officials said Thursday...


4  Eisa flags legal action over $20m OzEmail deposit
Internet service provider eisa has flagged the possibility of legal action in an attempt to recover a $20 million deposit paid for OzEmail....

4  Optus in line for OzEmail
CABLE & Wireless Optus was a prime candidate to move in on OzEmail following the collapse of eisa's $350 million bid for the major Australian Internet service provider, analysts said today...
Australian IT

4  ASX to investigate eisa's trading halt call
The Australian Stock Exchange has announced it will investigate how news of the collapse of eisa's bid for rival Internet service provider OzEmail reached the media before the exchange was formally notified...


4  Who Should Fight Cybercrime?
When it comes to passing legislation about cybercrime, engineers say most governments are in the dark. So should the technically minded do more to assist the police?...

4  CBS Web site crashes on "Survivor" debut
The TV network's Internet site goes down during the premiere of a new summer show that features 16 people stranded on a tropical island....

4  Most Net Users Spend A Month In Cyberspace
The average frequent Internet user ends up spending 30 days a year in cyberspace, according to a new survey by RealNames...

4  Fashion portal acquires Boo.com site
The Web site of the collapsed Internet clothing retailer is bought by Fashionmall.com, according to an announcement on Boo.com...