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New Zealand

4  Xtra, Ihug demand answers from Domainz
Relations between Domainz and the country's major ISPs are being strained by the continuing failure to perform of the new Domainz Registry System...

4  Help! Yelps govt over ERB
Top level talks are underway with IT chiefs as the government plans to allay industry concerns by watering down parts of its controversial Employment Relations Bill...

4  DOJ steps into Kiwi cyber-law fray
The US Department of Justice has offered to help write cyber-laws for a number of countries that are lagging, including New Zealand...

4  Naughty domains snapped up
All seven banned "Anglo-Saxon biological terms" released by the Internet Society early yesterday were registered as Internet domain names later in the day...
NZ Herald


4  Security scare as outsiders get access to NetBSD software password
Developers of the NetBSD open source operating system say a recent security breach did not compromise the software's source code....

4  Sega, Motorola to develop Net cell phone
The two will use technology from Sega's Dreamcast to develop phones that will allow users to download games and images...

4  Britain's Web Spying Bill Could Inhibit E-Commerce
Draft legislation allowing security officials to monitor business e-mails could prevent Britain becoming a leader in e-commerce, the British Chambers of Commerce warned Monday...


4  ASIC to look into net float
The ASIC is expected to investigate the float of Australia's principal internet domain name registrar, Melbourne IT, following complaints of insider trading....

4  Cheaper Internet still blocked
THE Government's assertion that Australia is about to get cheaper internet rates may be premature...
Australian IT

4  Flight to start-ups "is over"
THE flight of top IT executives to dotcom start-ups has slowed, with many acknowledging they have made a big mistake in light of the recent share market downturn, according to recruiters...
Australian IT

4  OzEmail says sorry over message error
OZEMAIL has apologised to thousands of customers after demanding a $60 annual email account maintenance fee from them. It said a message threatening to terminate the accounts of those who did not pay up was sent in error...
Australian IT


4  Another Online News Site Out of Cash
The rugged business of online news claimed another victim Monday as APBNews.com, an award-winning crime and public safety website, announced it was out of money...

4  Microsoft Spends $2 Billion To Market Web Tools
Microsoft will encourage developers to use its Internet products and services...

4  Gnutella viruses weaker than email bugs, experts sa
A worm is crawling the byways of the Gnutella file-sharing network, infecting some unwary computer users looking for movies and music...