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New Zealand

4  Isocnz council votes to rewrite critical report
The Isocnz council has spiked a report from its own working group which recommends the removal of the domain name registry function from Domainz...

4  Govt advances on e-transactions bill
The government has approved the release of a Ministry of Economic Development discussion document on the proposed Electronic Transactions Bill...

4  Drugs sold without prescription on website
A legal loophole has allowed a New Zealand-based Website to supply contraceptive and weight loss drugs without prescription...
NZ Herald


4  New email virus bombards mobile phone users
Mobile phone customers are being targeted by a new computer virus that Internet security experts said is the first of its kind...

4  Ballmer sees win on appeal
Microsoft Corp expects to win on appeal its antitrust case to avoid breakup, even though a judge's ruling due this week is likely to go against the software giant, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer reiterated Tuesday...

4  Voice portals scream for attention
New sites bring the power of voice to the Internet and Web searching. Are customers ready to embrace Web transactions via telephone?...

4  Swapping without suing
A novel system for swapping MP3 files could be impossible to stop, record companies fear...


4  Venture capital still there for dot coms
Internet entrepreneurs were yesterday given a surprisingly upbeat assesment of the outlook for venture capital funding, but those considering an initial public offering were warned to lay low for several months...

4  Government announces telecommunications inquiry
THE Productivity Commission will review competition regulation in Australia's telecommunications sector, the Australian Federal Government said today...


4  O.J. plans Net chat--for a price
O.J. Simpson plans to talk to the public via the Internet within the next few weeks, a decision he made after controversy erupted yesterday over a polygraph test he allegedly took after his ex-wife's death...

4  Auction Site Surfbuzz.com Abruptly Closes
Surfbuzz.com, an Internet firm that awarded expensive prizes, became the latest dot-com failure on Tuesday when it abruptly announced it would cease operations...

4  Defendant: 'Web Forgery' No Crime
A man who allegedly hijacked the computer system of a Westchester County company to send millions of come-ons to America Online customers maintains that he committed no crime...

4  Developers slam Sun over Java
At the JavaOne show, partners say Sun needs to do a better job fixing bugs and making updated source code available...

4  Banks form exchange site
Seven of the world's leading financial institutions announced Tuesday that they formed a multi-dealer foreign exchange service called FXall.com to give clients low-cost access to foreign exchange services...