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New Zealand

4  Vodafone in ISP market?
Vodafone is non-committal about rumours that it may soon venture into the ISP market...

4  Chello launch will put pressure on pricing
The launch last week in New Zealand of chello broadband by Telstra Saturn has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the broadband market...

4  Herald opens your door to the Net
Next Tuesday the Herald will launch a new feature - your net - designed especially for home Internet users...
NZ Herald

4  JPs' shareholdings abort hacking prosecution
A computer hacking prosecution has stopped in its tracks after two justices of the peace declared a potential conflict of interest nearly four months after proceedings began...
NZ Herald

4  Radio company to make web waves
The Radio Network (TRN) will launch into the hotly contested online advertising arena today with an agency designed to spice up the web...
NZ Herald


4  Philippines drops case against Love virus suspect
Authorities say there is not enough evidence to allow the case to proceed against a worker suspected of involvement in the "Love Bug" virus...

4  Net music fans would pay for albums, study says
Despite the recording industry's fears of copyright violations on the Internet, a new study today says that online music fans would open their wallets for access to their favorite songs or albums...

4  European Domain Operators Refuse to Pay Bills
In the latest setback for the Internet's new private management authority, a coalition of companies and nonprofit groups that run 30 so-called country-code domains in Europe this weekend voted to ignore the nearly $1 million in bills they have been sent...
NY Times


4  Satellite service for Chinese Australians
Australia is to get its first Chinese language, direct-to-home television service after a deal between PanAmSat and TVBI co...

4  eisa "asserts" OzEmail rights
EISA is not taking its OzEmail disappointment lying down, with a letter to the ASX referring to the "purported" termination of the deal and declaring that eisa would be "asserting" its position in relation to that agreement...
Australian IT

4  LookSmart takes on world
LOOKSMART and British Telecom will today kick off an aggressive roll-out of their internet database joint venture across Asia and Europe, opening an office in Tokyo this morning with more offices due to open in Seoul, Berlin, Paris and London during the next six weeks...
Australian IT


4  New hacking charges to be brought against Mafiaboy
New charges are to be brought against the 15-year-old computer hacker known by the pseudonym Mafiaboy, arrested for attacks on high-profile Internet sites...

4  Record Labels Near Settlement With MP3.com-Sources
The five largest record labels are close to a settlement of a copyright infringement suit with MP3.com Inc. that would allow the online music site to include their songs as part of an Internet-based database, record executives told Reuters on Wednesday...

4  Internet 'Adultery' a Sin, Catholic Magazine Says
Forget about phone sex. That's stone age stuff. What has the editors of an Italian Catholic magazine worried these days is ``adultery'' over the Internet...

4  Sun Eases Java Deployment
Sun Microsystems announces new Web Start software and other technologies at JavaOne...