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New Zealand

4  Council grant falters for high-tech unit
North Shore City's multi-million-dollar plan to kick-start its knowledge economy is in doubt...
NZ Herald

4  Priceline.com sets sights on NZ market
The US Internet commerce powerhouse Priceline.com is to enter the New Zealand market under the myprice brand later in the year....

4  WestpacTrust punts $60m on e-biz
WestpacTrust has linked up with an US e-business provider to develop and operate e-procurement and marketplace services...


4  Stephen King, the E-Publisher
Long ago, the master of the macabre abandoned a novel for other pursuits. Now, he wants to pick it up again, selling installments on his website for $1 apiece. If it flies, will this herald the new age of book publishing?...

4  U.N. Fights Cybersquatting
The United Nations' arbitration system -- the World Intellectual Property Organization -- has fielded nearly 600 cases since it was created six months ago....

4  Dozens of Malaysian political Web sites hacked
Hackers have broken into dozens of Malaysian political Web sites, leaving government officials and opposition leaders fuming over images of rotting skulls and obscene messages...

4  Digital TV Standards Battle Goes Global
At issue is how to create interactive enhancements and maintain content integrity...


4  Receiver to probe Wang shipment
The receiver of Johnson Wang's failed Australian computer sales business is investigating the shipment this week of 30 pallets of computers to one of Wang's companies in New ZEaland...

4  Telstra dumps ABC from content talks
A controversial online content partnership between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Telstra has fallen through...

4  Big boys move in on OzEmail
SPECULATION over OzEmail's future owner will intensify during the coming weeks as numerous cashed-up predators size up Australia's second biggest internet access provider following Eisa's failed $325 million takeover bid...
Australian IT

4  Final 15 mins of dotcom disaster
EISA chief executive Damien Brady slipped out the back door yesterday...
Australian IT


4  Swedish Hacker-Tracker Is FBI And Media Darling
The FBI, desperate to track down the source of the ``Love Bug'' computer virus last month, turned to a shy 19-year-old Swedish student....

4  Web Attracts Younger News Audience
Key segments of the nation's news audience, particularly younger and better-educated Americans, and those seeking financial information, are turning increasingly to the Internet, says a new poll on media trends...

4  Cos. Eye Profits From Web Domains
When it comes to doing business on the Internet, survival essentially comes down to two things: Getting people to visit a Web site and making money from those visits...