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New Zealand

4  2Day leads push for new deal at Isocnz
A push for a competitive market in domain name registration has been launched ahead of the Isocnz AGM on June 23...

4  NZ Internet users stay active
New Zealanders go on the Internet more often and spend longer online than their peers in any other country but the US, according to the April figures for Nielsen NetRatings...

4  Net firms click off new libel bill
Internet service providers (ISPs) are starting to question the practicality of new defamation provisions in the Government's proposed Electronic Transactions Bill...
NZ Herald

4  Clear sets 0867 rebate deadline
ClearNet has given its customers until August 15 to use up credits that were issued to compensate them for Telecom's charges for non-0867 internet traffic...
NZ Herald


4  Dot Coms? They're for Losers
Dot-com suffixes on company names are starting to look a little dated. As a result, startups are reconsidering what to call themselves...

4  Internet booming in Taiwan despite bureaucracies
A growing number of Web entrepreneurs in the country are faced with overcoming bureaucratic and legal tangles that stand in the way of their ambitions...

4  No happy ending for Reel.com
The online video and DVD retailer--the latest Net property hit by the market's downturn--is closing its e-commerce doors...


4  Edge group's fate looks certain to be liquidation
Creditors of Johnson Wang's Edge group of companies are likely to be told this week that the former award-winging businessman's Australian empire is headed for liquidation...

4  GST may be undermined by e-commerce: ALP
The GST could be vulnerable to tax evasion over the Internet, a federal Labor backbencher has claimed...

4  Youth nabbed in Singapore for hacking in Australia
An Indonesian youth who hacked into the computer server of a Singapore research and development institute while studying in Australia was arrested on coming to the city-state to study...

4  Denial attack knocks out Dingo Blue
A DENIAL of service attack is believed to be behind an email outage at ISP Dingo Blue last Friday...
Australian IT


4  World Newspapers Fight to Keep Up in Internet Age
The World Newspaper Association (WAN) kicked off a three-day congress in Brazil on Monday that aims to reinvent the traditional daily before it gets left behind by the Internet revolution...

4  E-mails Now Sent From Submarines
A Massachusetts company has developed a way to send e-mails longer distances under the ocean than ever before...

4  E-commerce doors slam on portals
The power is shifting in e-commerce -- away from the portals and toward the companies that draw users to those sites. Bad news for the big sites?...