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New Zealand

4  Ihug Ultra: new brand, new card, new price
So just what is Ihug's "faster than the fastest thing that hasn't been invented yet", Ultra?...

4  Visiting WAP guru sketches new landscape
Mobile Internet will demand a more active role in managing services, and cutting off spam, from carriers like Telecom and Vodafone, according a key figure in the WAP world...

4  Clear admits Zfree boom has strained capacity
Clear Net is admitting to customers that the boom in sign-ups for Clear's free ISP Zfree has hurt service levels, but says paying customers are still first in line...

4  NZ lags behind in e-govt stakes
New Zealand is about two years behind Australia, Britain and Canada in implementing e-government services for its citizens, says a study released by Deloitte Consulting today...
NZ Herald


4  Love Bug Suspect Takes the Fall
Investigators in the Philippines say they've got enough to charge a computer student in connection with the Love Bug virus. Unfortunately, the Philippines has no law aimed specifically at computer crimes...

4  RIAA targets Napster over major-label songs
The Recording Industry Association of America fires its latest legal salvo against the music-swapping firm, asking a judge to block all major-label content from being traded through the service...

4  Red Hat founder: Microsoft isn't Net-ready
Microsoft isn't built for the Internet era, said Red Hat Software chairman Robert Young, and it isn't going to be easy for the behemoth to adapt...


4  Boom in high-risk investment
Australia's venture capital market has never had it so good, with coprorate and superannuation investors increasing their level of investment despite the April technology stock crash...

4  Australia counting the days to cyber-voting
Australians may soon be voting on the Internet rather than lining up in the local hall...

4  Austar, Chello in shopping venture with LookSmart
Austar United Communications and Chello Broadband Australia have signed a joint agreement with LookSmart to bring online shopping to regional Australia...

4  Privacy bill under fire from EU
AUSTRALIA's proposed privacy laws will come under fire from the European Union, with the EU authorising a critical submission to the Australian parliamentary committee holding hearings into the legislation...
Australian IT

4  Lycos sets up shop in Australia
Internet portal Lycos is to launch its service in Australia after more than a year of scouting the market, in a step that will intensify local competition with Yahoo!, LookSmart and ninemsn...


4  Judge Refuses Quick Ruling on Microsoft
The judge trying the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case dealt another blow to the software giant's legal strategy on Tuesday, refusing to rule quickly on a company request that he stay his order for restrictions on how it does business....

4  Online advertisers deal with regulators
Negotiations are aimed at creating a self-regulatory process to restrain the practice of online profiling...