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New Zealand

4  FlyingPig grounds transtasman merger proposal
Continuing uncertainty about the future of internet-based retailing claimed another victim yesterday, with online department store FlyingPig abandoning plans to expand across the Tasman...
NZ Herald

4  Peg in the ground for IT
The Government is spending $28 million over four years to promote electronic commerce and online administration...
NZ Herald

4  R&D, e-commerce get nod in Budget
Finally, some numbers are appearing on the government's plans to boost the knowledge economy...

4  Clear phone service strained by Zfree demand
The boom in registrations for Clear's free ISP Zfree has hit service to not only to paying Internet users but also its business telephone customers...


4  Dot Coms Fear Nasdaq Boot
It's not that hard to get kicked off Nasdaq. All companies have to do is spend all their cash or see their stock drop below $1 for an extended period. It may be happening more frequently, soon...

4  Hotmail users missing old email, address books
Some Microsoft Hotmail users unable to check their email since last week got an unwelcome surprise today when they finally gained access to their accounts...

4  Group posts plan to add domains beyond ".com," ".org"
The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, has posted an outline of its plan to add domains beyond the commonplace ".com," ".net" and ".org" suffixes...


4  Early Sausage stars to quit merged board
Sausage Software founder Steve Outrim and former managing director Craig Welch are set to exit the company's board in a major reshuffle following its merger with SMS Consulting...

4  Destroy or dazzle key to start-up success
The original backers of LookSmart, the $2.6bn web directory provider, have revealed the two main criteria they use for assessing the 2,000 technology deals that land on their desks each year...

4  Domian name arbitration court rules against Mr University
An Australian man known to friends as Oxford University has lost a domain name battle with the venerable British academic institution whose name he bears...

4  Melb IT bulk domain transfer
Melbourne IT has launched a new service to allow the fast transfer of multiple domain names between registrars...
Australian IT

4  Domain name reform finally under way
Australia should soon lose its title as the strictest place in the world to register internet domain names and the way will open for competition in the market for selling domain names...


4  Yahoo! Prepares European Acquisition Spree
Yahoo! Inc. is gearing up for an ''aggressive'' acquisition spree in Europe to keep a step ahead of would-be Internet rivals as a wave of consolidation sweeps the industry, its co-founder said on Thursday...

4  Spam, Net scams only getting worse
It sounded like a great deal a chance to buy a brand-new DVD player for $89. Untold thousands of Internet users heard about it in mid-May from an unsolicited e-mail...