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Booting The Limelighters 19 June 2000 Edition
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When I saw the list of names that had put themselves forward for election to the administration of ISOCNZ while it was being formed -- I predicted in this column that it would become a platform for lime-lighters and the self-interested. Unfortunately my predictions came true in pretty quick time, but now it appears that grumblings of discontent from the members have reached a fever pitch and moves are afoot to correct the problem.

ISOCNZ, The Internet Society Of New Zealand, has been embroiled in controversy almost from the day it was conceived, and it would appear that a new episode in this ongoing saga of incompetence and limelighting is about to unfold.

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In the wake of what can only be described as the totally disastrous roll-out of a new registry system by Domainz, a growing number of concerned Net users and industry players are calling for major changes to the composition of the Society, and this week's AGM looks set to be the virtual "high noon" when matters will come to a head.

One of the leading "movers and shakers" associated with the call for change is David Farrar, a former ISOCNZ councilor who resigned earlier this year -- perhaps having discovered, like others before him, that the democratic process within ISOCNZ had gone well and truly off the rails.

"I have viewed with growing alarm the bad reputation DOMAINZ and by association ISOCNZ has had within the Internet community of ISPs, businesses and users. Much of the criticism has been justified in my opinion. Many others have shared this alarm and we have been encouraging people to join ISOCNZ so that their voices can be heard at the AGM on 23 June." said Farrar on Sunday.

"A number of concerned people from a diverse range of industry and other backgrounds share a belief that the AGM needs to set a new direction for ISOCNZ and DOMAINZ, one that introduces a Shared Registration System into the *.nz name space and one that has ISOCNZ and DOMAINZ working more co-operatively with the Internet community."

"A number of motions have been tabled for the AGM which will help achieve this."

"We also are encouraging people who share some or all of these concerns to stand for election to ISOCNZ's Council."

A number of well known individuals have put themselves up for election to the ISOCNZ council and have created 4 a website explaining their raison d'etre and objectives.

Farrar invites anyone who shares the concerns and visions outlined on the isocnz.org website to also put their name forward for election to the ISOCNZ council.

While some might see this as an attempt to hijack control of ISOCNZ, the more enlightened amongst is will likely see this move for what it is -- an essential effort to restore a proper democratic process and recover the society from a tiny group of individuals who have proven that they have a total lack of respect for the rights and opinions of members.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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