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New Zealand

4  E-Secure-IT verifies Microsoft flaw find
An independent IT security company has verified a security flaw in Microsoft's e-mail software discovered by an Auckland software designer...
NZ Herald

4  R&D spending a 'logical' move
Keylogix directors Mike and Dot Johnstone understand just how much a Government research and development grant can help. But they also know only too well that it is just one chapter in the software development story...
NZ Herald

4  Clear goes free on e-biz too
Clear has extended its range of free offerings to the e-business category, with a "starter pack" version of its credit card clearing application...

4  Top sites keep on growing
The Nielsen-NetRatings internet audience data for May show continued growth for the top local and global domains...
NZ Herald


4  When DVD Is Too Good to Be Legal
Modified DVD players with pure digital outputs are hitting the market. It's possibly the best picture you've ever seen -- but it might be illegal to have one...

4  All the News That's Fit to Code
At the Newspaper 2000 conference, the old-school newspaper business gets a few pointers on their Net future, and how to come out on top of the new media revolution...

4  E-commerce to erupt
European small and mid-sized businesses are expected to see sales from online commerce surge 800 percent to 3.2 billion ($3 billion) by 2003, as increasing numbers of firms turn to packaged software applications to take advantage of the Internet, according to report released Monday...

4  'Stages.worm' on the loose
Firms have been hit by a bug that hides as a text file and can shut down corporate e-mail servers. But it won't damage other files...


4  Canberra among online leaders
AUSTRALIA has been ranked among the top three e-governments in the world in an Andersen Consulting report...
Australian IT

4  Jury is still out on CrimeNet's operation
ONGOING discussions between the Victorian Government and operators of an online criminals database have failed to resolve their differences...
Australian IT

4  Industry slams digital TV bill
AS the Senate prepares to consider the Broadcasting Services Amendment (Digital Television and Datacasting) Bill this week, the Internet Industry Association (IIA) has launched a blistering attack on the Government...
Australian IT

4  Domain review is under way
A STEP has been taken towards reforming Australian domain name policy with the formation of the .au Domain Administration policy review panel...
Australian IT


4  Visa Launches E-Commerce Security Initiatives
Credit card giant Visa International has announced a pair of global e-commerce initiatives to offer tighter security measures for Internet consumers and reduce consumer-merchant online transaction disputes by as much as 50 percent...
E-Commerce Times

4  E-Governments On The Rise
Demand from citizens who have sampled the benefits of e-commerce is driving state and local governments to build new transaction capabilities for electronic government...

4  Salon.com: Network Solutions Hijacked My Domain
From the recent spate of domain name ``hijacking,'' you'd think it was easier to steal someone else's domain name from Network Solutions than to register a new one yourself....