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New Zealand

4  NZ slips in e-commerce race
New Zealand is slipping further behind in e-commerce each week, says TUANZ chief executive Ernie Newman...

4  All change at Isocnz
A new, competitive model for domain name registration was among the sweeping changes ordered at Friday's historic Isocnz AGM, which also voted no confidence in the board of Domainz...

4  Critics push through wide Internet rejig
The way the internet industry is run in this country is set to change after critics of the Internet Society of New Zealand (Isocnz) used proxies from new members to vote through radical changes...
NZ Herald

4  FlyingPig has its wings clipped
Doubts have been cast about the future of Internet retailing in New Zealand, following a decision by the country's most high-profile e-tailer to lay off half its staff...


4  Net consolidation is a natural, accelerated business cycle
The tech-heavy Nasdaq Stock Market has lost almost 20 percent of its value since April. E-commerce pioneers have collapsed. Cash-strapped dot-coms have laid off legions of workers...

4  Amazon Sold Down the River
Even the biggest boosters of Amazon.com see trouble ahead for the e-tailer without a profit. Can the stumbling giant regain its balance?...

4  Coming Soon: Real-Time, Multilingual Web Chat
Global businesses relying on the Internet to bridge geographical distances may soon use it to overcome language barriers, too...

4  Latest viruses exploit human frailties
The new challenge for virus writers isn't how creative or damaging their script is, but rather how well they hide the fact that they're launching a virus...


4  Victoria aims to save $240m with e-purchase plan
The Victorian Government is set to announce an ambitious electronic purchasing program which could shave up to $240m off government spending...

4  Oracle kills Sausage talk
SAUSAGE Software's share price continued to surge yesterday although global software provider Oracle scotched speculation that it would be taking equity in the company...
Australian IT

4  St George buys into Bourse
ST George Bank and Bourse Data have agreed on a shares for cash and assets swap as part of a plan to create an independent, listed online wealth-management group...
Australian IT

4  Aussie activists tell Nike they didn't do it
An Australian activist organisation has denied involvement in a brazen cyber attack on the Nike corporate website...


4  CD quality to soon jazz up MP3s
Squeezing the file size takes a toll on the quality of audio files. Now, Kenwood engineers have found a way to improve the sound of MP3s...

4  US Government to Create Big Web Site, Clinton Says
Coming soon to your computer: a Web site that will make available at the click of a mouse every online resource offered by the U.S. federal government....

4  Lawyer Urges Trial for Disputed U.S. Law on Net Porn
A federal law intended to keep Internet pornography away from children could have a better chance of surviving a constitutional challenge if the federal government took its case straight to trial, an attorney for members of Congress said on Friday...