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New Zealand

4  Advantage preys on 'crash' victims
New Zealand-based Advantage Group plans a major acquisition spree fuelled by "bargains" in the e-commerce market...

4  INL's new site: is it really called Stuff?
INL's new national Web site is up this morning at stuff.co.nz....

4  Clear-Telecom wrangle causes net congestion
Internet users are again suffering from a disagreement between Telecom New Zealand and Clear Communications, this time concerning an internet gateway between the two carriers...
NZ Herald

4  First Web Viagra doctor ready to deal with flak
An Auckland-based doctor plans to dispense up to 1000 Viagra tablets a week over the Internet...
NZ Herald


4  Security experts warn of major FTP server flaw
INTERNET security experts have warned of a serious flaw in FTP server software that can allow hackers to take control of the server...

4  White House on Cookies: Doh!
The White House, embarrassed by its use of cookies on a government drug site, issues an edict to all Federal departments: no more cookies (except for a few exceptions, of course)...

4  The Tangled Web of E-Voting
While Internet companies are tripping over one another to stake out ground in the electronic voting marketplace, election officials warn that too much too quick could backfire...

4  Yahoo! gets down to business
The No. 1 consumer portal makes a play for corporate customers, betting the Yahoo! brand will trump similar products from Microsoft and Lotus...


4  Edge directors may face legal action
The voluntary administrator of the failed Edge group of companies said yesterday that there were grounds for legal action against the former directors...

4  Australian internet crim e'doubled in nine months'
Cyber-crime is skyrocketing and yet the internet industry could be on the verge of a major polcy chnage that would make it harder for regulators to track cyber fraudsters, the ACCC warned yesterday...

4  Criminals cash in on call scam
INTERNATIONAL telecommunications interconnect charges are being abused by criminals using the system to launder money and rip off unsuspecting consumers, it has been revealed...
Australian IT

4  Erotic etailer Adultshop raises $19.3m
LISTED Australian erotic e-tailer AdultShop.com today said its rights issue has been finalised and $19.3 million has been added to its cash reserves...


4  Employers: Let your workers surf
The answer to attracting quality workers? A Web site where employees can do everything from checking stock quotes to planning a family reunion...

4  Oxygen flees e-commerce, closes two shopping sites
In another sign that e-commerce is going out of fashion, Oxygen Media is closing two of its shopping-related Web sites for women...

4  Microsoft's Internet Explorer Use Reaches a High
The percentage of users clicking onto Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer to cruise the Web is at an all-time high of 86.08 percent, according to Web analysis firm WebSideStory Inc...