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New Zealand

4  Ihug seeks $40m for auction bid
Internet service provider Ihug is understood to be raising $40 million to help finance a joint bid with Lucent Technologies for a slice of the airwaves at the Government's spectrum auction...
NZ Herald

4  It won't last, say Isocnz old guard
Some highly-placed members of the Internet Society of New Zealand predict the new make-up of the ruling council, voted in last Friday, will not last long...

4  Dangers seen in spectrum action
Gains to Maori and New Zealand from a head start in third-generation cellular technologies could be jeopardised by further Maori action to delay next month's mobile spectrum auction, says an academic who supported Maori claimants last year at the Waitangi Tribunal...
NZ Herald

4  Low-cost pure play the way, says FlyingPig critic
Clicks-and-mortar is the problem, not the answer, for FlyingPig, according to one its if competitors...


4  Scenes From the Hacker's'Hood
The "Honeynet Project" threw out easy bait, hoping to catch a live denial-of-service attack. They found a good one, and also an interesting phenomenon: hackers like to improvise...

4  Web sites lean on their own ads, report says
Despite the growth in the number of Net advertisers, most firms are filling space by promoting their own products or services...

4  Microsoft Thumbs Nose At U.S. Government
Microsoft, which has now officially entered the second round of its antitrust trial, couldn't help but thumb its nose at the government this week at PC Expo in New York...

4  Media Metrix lands on Jupiter
Media Metrix and Jupiter Communications will merge in a $414 million deal to create a one-stop Web statistics shop...


4  E-tailer links to BP for parcel pick-up
The fledgling e-tailer, wishlist.com.au, has struck a landmark $5m deal with BP Australia to enable customers to puck up parcels from BP petrol stations in all major cities...

4  $1.1m-a day for net casinos
KERRY Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd, and other internet gambling hopefuls, have been threatened with fines of up to $1.1 million a day by the federal Government, which yesterday said operators would be committing a criminal offence if they offered new interactive gambling services...
Australian IT

4  Optus plans to win new hearts
THE discontent at News Limited and Publishing & Broadcasting over Foxtel arose, for the most part, from the deadlock over how to squeeze more out of Telstra's cables as the partnership moved into an era of high-speed, content-rich, interactive media...
Australian IT

4  DaytraderHQ expects IPO to close two times oversubscribed
DaytraderHQ, a membership-based Internet community set up to help small investors trading on financial markets...


4  Microsoft: Win2000 sales to hit 3 million
Company also promises service pack this summer to fix bugs and errors in Windows 2000, but it doesn't give a release date...

4  Salon.com: ICANN's Double Jeopardy
Poor, poor, pitiful ICANN. Ever since Congress assigned the nonprofit the job of coordinating the management of the domain-name system in 1998, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been hammered by critics accusing it of financial missteps, heavy-handed attempts at Net regulation and anti-democratic elitism...

4  Domain name reseller Afternic sues over freeze-out
What's in a name? Shakespeare asked. The Bard's answer was, implicitly, nothing. But try telling that to an expectant mother or to an ad executive...