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New Zealand

4  Internet startups get helping hand from HP
Giant technology company Hewlett-Packard will fund local, early stage internet companies as part of its worldwide Garage Dot-Com Programme...
NZ Herald

4  Domainz CEO continues defamation suit
Domainz CEO Patrick O'Brien expects the organisation to continue to pay for his defamation suit against ISP director Alan Brown, despite Isocnz's recent AGM voting to direct Domainz to withdraw support...

4  Name secrecy caught by Web
Judges look likely to continue using their powers of name suppression despite the risk that they will be undermined by the Internet...
NZ Herald

4  CEOs confused on ecommerce
Top bosses in New Zealand and Australia are "confused" about e-business, according to a study of CEOs...


4  Recording DVDs the Write Way
Backers of the slowly evolving DVD+RW standard crawl towards creating backward-compatible products. Competitor Panasonic pushes forward with its own brand of DVD rewritables...

4  Amazon's Bezos rebuts negative analyst report
The e-commerce giant's chief executive says an analyst's report that sent the company's shares tumbling last week was incorrect...

4  Software bugs chew through Microsoft IE, Outlook
Microsoft is investigating a trio of software bugs that analysts say could open the door to "Love" bug-grade security scenarios...

4  Dot-coms close e-commerce doors under cost pressures
Hollywood Entertainment thought it created the perfect marriage in 1998 when it acquired Reel.com--a synergistic blend of a strong chain of video rental stores, robust online content and the ability to sell videos via the Web...


4  Businesses ignoring e-commerce push as they move online
Small- and medium-sized Australian businesses are not buying into the e-commerce hype, according to a report released yesterday...

4  E-voting makes its mark on our shores
The internet's emerging role in Australian politics was brought home again yesterday with the expansion into the region of the US-based online voting service, election.com...

4  Activists deny nuking Nike
A SMALL, Melbourne-based coalition of student activist groups has found itself basking in the glow of international intrigue...
Australian IT

4  ehyou.com sets sights across the Tasman
Australian music service provider ehyou.com has signalled its intentions to move across the Tasman after buying the domain name mp3.co.nz...


4  Willamette becomes Pentium 4
Intel announced Wednesday that its high-end desktop chip will take on the number four...

4  Boo.com's Remains Help Stoke Up UK Web Search Tool
Bright Station Plc unveiled a souped-up Internet search engine on Wednesday, to be fed at first from the remains of fallen online retailer Boo.com...

4  Yahoo! buying eGroups
The leading Web portal site Yahoo! said Wednesday it has agreed to acquire eGroups Inc., an e-mail group communication service that unites people who share a common interest, for $432 million in stock...