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New Zealand

4  Another player for online mortgage market
The Web-based home loan market has become more competitive with the launch of a Web site from mortgage broking company IntelMortgage Financial Solutions....

4  Telecomms report backs more regulation
The Telecommunications Inquiry's draft report favours moving away from a hands-off approach to a more regulated system - but not unbundling of the local loop...

4  Mobile business too big for Telecom to digest, say analysts
Telecom might like to buy Cable & Wireless Optus' mobile phone business, but its huge size would cause considerable indigestion, analysts say...
NZ Herald

4  Election.com sets up in NZ
The rapidly-expanding US company election.com is setting up in New Zealand to offer Internet voting services to the public and private sectors...


4  Whom to Sue for Nike.com Hack?
An entrepreneur with a history of run-ins with major websites targets Nike.com for a damage claim. His claims also raise the tricky issue of who is to blame in website security breaches...

4  ‘Love Bug’ Programmer is Charged
Philippine investigators filed charges Thursday against a computer programming student suspected of releasing the “ILOVEYOU” computer virus which crippled email systems worldwide...

4  Intel edges ahead with 1.13-GHz Pentium III
Intel's speed derby with AMD will hit another level next month with the release of what is expected to be one of the last versions of the Pentium III...

4  Interpol Offers Private Web Site Cybercrime Info
Interpol is to provide intelligence to a private Web site to help businesses defend themselves against global cyber-crime, the company involved said on Thursday...


4  DJs buys e-tailer to speed growth
David Jones has brought forward the launch of its long-awaited e-commerce strategy by about three months after acquiring the assets of troubled e-tailer TheSpot.com...

4  ABC and SBS get curbs on digital
DIGITAL TV will offer consumers new ABC and SBS channels, interactive information services and limited internet access under the final regime approved by federal parliament last night...
Australian IT

4  GST website security breach a timely warning: ICAA
CONFIDENTIAL business details hacked off a government GST website overnight will not allow anyone to access the businesses' bank accounts, accountants said today...

4  Howard blames hacker
The Prime Minister has disclaimed all government responsibility for the GST Web site security flaw...


4  Web Entertainment Still in Infancy
If you want to assess the state of entertainment on the Web today, think ``Pennsylvania Polka Festival.''...

4  Clinton, Blair Plan Online Forum
President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair plan to take questions from Internet users around the globe next month during a trans-Atlantic online town hall meeting, organizers said Thursday...

4  'Echelon': The world under watch
A supersecret spy network with stations around the world may be keeping watch on you. International ZDNet sites contribute to this report...