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Do Ads Suck Or What? 3 July 2000 Edition
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Here's a question for you...

If the BBC was to heavily promote a website for five days in a row on its premium business news programme, broadcast across the globe to an audience of many hundreds of millions -- how many visitors do you think that site would get?

Well that's exactly what they did with the 4 Splitz.co.uk site I mentioned last week.

Still wondering how much traffic that kind of global TV exposure gets you?

Well -- as of Friday, they reported less than 6,000 site visitors (and dare I be so bold as to say that a link from Aardvark might have contributed a not totally insignificant portion of that traffic).

So what does that tell us?

Advertising websites on TV is not as effective as you'd think?

The BBC's audience is largely uninterested in "things internet?"

I think the former is probably closer to the truth -- but I'm only speculating.

What I'd like to know from readers is -- how many times have you gone to a Website after:

  1. seeing its URL advertised on TV?
  2. hearing its URL advertised on the radio?
  3. seeing its URL advertised in a newspaper or magazine?
  4. seeing an online advertisement -- either a banner add or sponsor link?
  5. seeing a link and/or URL in an online news story or commentary?
send me your answers in the form of: "Never," "Rarely," "Often," "Very often" for each of the above questions and I'll summarise the results.

Let's find out which is the most effective way to promote a website!

Pssst... I have what you need!
Thanks to those who have already responded to call for interest in getting their hands on "the killer edge" for their websites.

I'll be contacting everyone later this week with a URL and password which will provide access to the demonstration site.

And, just in case you missed it...

Xtra, NZ Herald, NZoom, INL (or anyone else looking for a "killer edge" in the quest for local traffic) -- you're all missing a critical component from your websites. A factor that will distinguish you from the others and make you the unchallenged "number one" site -- worthy of becoming the browser-start page for NZ's websurfers.

I have what you need and, with my plans to depart for distant shores, I'm prepared to let it go for a reasonable sum. Please contact me if you'd like a demonstration and an opportunity to tender.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Free online healthcare for rural town
Free online healthcare for a year is to be provided to rural Mokau by www.doctorglobal.com...

4  Another Web ratings firm sets up in NZ
The Melbourne-based Internet research company Red Sheriff rides into New Zealand today, promising to "help tame the wild-wild-Web."...

4  Spectrum sale glory fades
Thoughts that the Government might scoop up to $650 million in the cellular spectrum auction have faded after only 12 bidders registered for the sell-off...
NZ Herald

4  Kiwi firm challenges Motorola cash carrot
Auckland software developer Orion Systems is angry that the Government is prepared to look at offering $3 million as an incentive to foreign-owned technology company Motorola...


4  When You Send Spam to Yourself
Some Hotmail users say they are receiving spam with their email address as the return address. This is just an old-school technique by spammers, email service providers say...

4  AT&T to Announce New Web Privacy System
AT&T Labs is set to announce today a new software system designed to return anonymity to web surfers, as more and more people become concerned about the ability to trace a browser’s Internet travels...

4  Reports spread of new iMacs coming out next month
Cyclical inventory patterns suggest Apple will revamp the iMac next month, say analysts and resellers, with the debut of other new computers possible at July's MacWorld Expo...

4  DotComGuy Still Won't Leave House
DotComGuy has passed the halfway mark without losing it...


4  AFR net quest launched
The search is on again for Australia's brightest internet stars with the kick-off today of the fifth annual AFR Australian Internet Awards...

4  Top dog has final bow-wow
STEVE Outtrim is Australia's answer to Silicon Valley's young dotcom billionaires...
Australian IT

4  Australian Trade Minister heads IT delegation to Israel
TRADE Minister Mark Vaile will travel to Tel Aviv this weekend as head of an information technology business delegation...

4  Hundreds of government websites are easy pickings: hacker
SENSITIVE information from hundreds of government Internet websites was easy to access, an Australian computer hacker said yesterday...


4  Clinton Puts His e-Signature To New Bill
A new era in the use of the Internet for business and commerce was signed into being today by president Clinton when he put his own e-signature to the much-anticipated e-signatures bill...

4  Student Admits Hacking U.S. Government Computers
A university student admitted in Boston federal court to breaking into U.S. government computers including Defense Department and NASA systems...

4  Apple may kill round mouse
The company's styling smarts fell flat with users, so new peripherals -- including a button-less mouse -- are on the way...

4  Missing the Boat on Internet Riches
Was it really just a year ago that every dot-com in sight was boarding the IPO luxury liner, convinced that the rising tide would lift its boat regardless of leaks in the business plan?...