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Sorry, No Commentary Today 7 July 2000 Edition
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I'm sorry but other commitments have meant I'll be unable to furnish one of my commentaries today.

However, the usual roundup of the world's most interesting headlines is provided in the second section (below).

Normal transmission will be resumed on Monday.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Clear announces B2B exchange
Clear has launched its new own-brand e-procurement service in partnership with e://volution...

4  Big noises on the Wireless
Walker Wireless has lined up a who's who of New Zealand investors to provide "more than $20 million" to expand its high-speed wireless data network...
NZ Herald


4  A Fight to Ban Cellphone Spam
Those emergency beeps your cellphone is making could be just another spam ad. A New Jersey congressman wants to end the madness, but will his proposed legislation really stop spammers from going wireless?...

4  Crypto Users Can't See FBI.gov
The FBI's home page appears just like any other Web page -- unless you use a private Web surfing service from Zero Knowledge Systems. Users say they're being blocked because of identity-hiding technology...

4  Glitches let Net shoppers grab free goods
The Fourth of July meant freedom from paying for goods at some online sites, where botched coupon deals let shoppers waltz out with free or nearly free deals...

4  Internet pornographer target of fraud inquiry
An Internet pornographer, whose Internet Entertainment Group is one of the leading online porn companies, is under investigation by the federal government, according to a report...

4  Group Issues Privacy Guidelines for Net Marketers
In a move aimed at standardizing privacy protections for Internet users, a trade group for online marketers and advertisers said on Wednesday it developed voluntary guidelines for Web sites and advertisers...

4  MS vows to clean up Mac Media Player
The man in charge of the much-criticized streaming media player says that despite delays, a shipping version is still in the cards...


4  Consultants respond to e-world
It's not just old economy industrial companies striving to remake themselves as internet enabled organisations able to compete with ruthless online competitors...

4  WAP has yet to grab Australia's new-age consumers
The introduction of WAP technology, heralded as the next step forward in information technology, has so far turned out to be a fizzer...

4  Thefts linked to espionage
SYDNEY police are investigating the burglaries of LookSmart Australia's headquarters and the home of its chief executive Tim Pethick, in what may be the worst case of corporate espionage in Australia's dotcom industry...
Australian IT

4  Bullant scores $3.7 million
Technology startup Bullant has won a $3.7 million loan from the Federal Government to develop its real time Internet software...


4  Survey: Top UK, U.S. Firms Failing to Use E-Mail
More than 40 percent of top UK and United States public companies are failing to take the Internet seriously as a way to deal with customers, a research company said on Thursday...

4  Net laws 'still allow snooping'
Changes to proposed UK laws do nothing to stop the police snooping on citizens, say privacy groups...

4  Private bank e-mail goes awry
Hundreds of notes intended for one of Spain's largest banks are ending up on a bulletin board service in Virginia...

4  Wireless: Unplugged and insecure
In the wireless world, moving apps comes first and security comes second. The industry's rush to deliver may be creating a nightmare for users...