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Anti-spam Infighting 19 July 2000 Edition
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Just an advanced heads-up on a story I'm currently researching.

It seems that one of the Net's oldest, and highly respected anti-spam organisations, 4  MAPS, may be succumbing to the lure of the almighty dollar and loosing its claim to altruism.

Another anti-spam service, 4 ORBS, which offers a similar free service by listing open mail servers that can be used by spammers to relay their spam claims that MAPS has been engaging in decidedly anticompetitive behaviour in the lead-up to its commercialisation.

Look for more information on this unfolding story in the next day or so.

Government: Get Out Of The Way!
There was a very interesting interview on TV One's 4 Telstra Business Programme this morning in which interviewer Michael Wilson spoke to Klaus Heymann, the head of 4  Naxos Music.

For those who don't know about Naxos Music, it's an incredibly successful label that focuses on the production of high-quality, low cost titles mainly in the classical music area. We're talking about a big company with a huge turnover here.

In the interview it was revealed that Naxos had strongly considered locating its operations here in New Zealand some four years ago -- but despite wanting to do so, the company stayed where it was instead -- in Hong Kong.

When asked why this was so, the interviewer was told that NZ's tax system was decidedly unfavourable for anyone dealing in intellectual property and that the R&D tax regime was unacceptable to Nexus. The company's owner said that he didn't believe in government's offering inducements to entice overseas companies to relocate -- all he'd wanted was policies that simply kept government out of the way.

Once again we hear exactly the same sentiments being voiced by yet another entrepreneur or highly successful company -- when will the government wake up and smell the coffee?

The key words were "intellectual property" -- that is the real currency of the new economy and it is something that normally requires a significant investment in R&D to produce.

For the benefit of our politicians I will type this very slowly -- because I know you can't read very quickly:

NZ Business Does Not Want Handouts

NZ Business Wants R&D Tax Parity With Its Competitors

Government -- You clearly have little understanding of business (need I refer to the spectrum auction debacle again?) -- so please don't ruin the hard work of those who are trying hard to move this country into the 21st century by pretending that you do!

Stop crippling NZ's Knowledge Economy and get out of the way!

As a commentator on the industry I'm always looking around to see what others are saying and doing. As a result, I dropped into Yahoo's 4 Most Popular Columnist Sites to see who's being held in high regard these days.

Well knock me down with a feather (he says modestly), if Aardvark's name isn't up there -- rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jesse Berst, Robert X Cringley and Jerry Pournelle!

Net Marketing
Banner ads suck -- you, the readers of Aardvark told me so in response to a recent column. You also pointed out that Radio, TV and print advertising for websites was pretty ineffective.

So how do you drive traffic to your website? Are there any cheap and effective tricks you can use to massively boost the number of visitors you get each day?

From tomorrow I'll be running a series of pieces in which I'll give some of the tips and secrets I've discovered over the past five years of running this site and 7am.com.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Trademarked WAP names now not for sale
A would-be WAP cybersquatter says domain names he registered that include major company trademarks are not for sale after all...

4  Updated US crypto policy clears NZ for exports
US companies can now export any encryption product to any end user in New Zealand, in a policy liberalisation that also extends the same status to the European Union...

4  Spectrum sale slows after brief flurry of excitement
A lethargic feel returned to the Government's spectrum auction yesterday, with little bidding for second or third generation frequencies...
NZ Herald


4  Net Gambling Bill Fails to Pass
A bill that would have banned practically every form of Internet gambling fails to receive a two-thirds majority in the House. But backers remain undeterred...

4  Yesmail Fights Blacklist Threat
Did the Mail Abuse Prevention System overstep its boundaries by threatening to put a permissive email marketer on its blacklist? Yesmail says it did, and went to court to prevent it from happening...

4  Microsoft patches bugs amid criticism
Microsoft has addressed security vulnerabilities in its Office 2000 applications, including one an Internet security group described as perhaps the "most dangerous programming error" by the software company to date...

4  Microsoft breathes down Coca-Cola's neck
Software giant Microsoft is closing in on Coca-Cola's turf as the most valuable brand name...

4  Napster users mount e-mail campaign
Music fans send 70,000 messages to Congress after the song-sharing site presses them to start a lobbying effort...


4  Bizarre bid for LibertyOne
LibertyOne was thought to have received a bizarre takeover offer yesterday, from a US company less than four times its size, in which it has an option to become a major shareholder...

4  Net name decision closes in on MelbourneIT's domain
MelbourneIT's rising share price backpedalled 4pc yesterday after news of potential further competition for internet domain name registrations...

4  TNZ set to win CBA outsourcing contract
The Commonwealth Bank is close to awarding a $500 million contract to the New Zealand telco...


4  Dangerous New Microsoft Vulnerability Revealed
Users running Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT 4.0 are vulnerable to a total compromise when they preview or read an infected e-mail, without having to open an attachment...

4  Speed Freaks Tweak Intel's 440BX Chip Set
Motherboard makers have begun advertising overclocked motherboards based on Intel's 440BX chip set, eking out the last bit of performance from Intel's venerable mainstream core logic...

4  U.S. Credit Card Giant in Web Skirmish
U.S. credit card giant MBNA Corp has lost the first round of a UK legal battle to prevent another firm from using the letters ``mbna'' in its Web address...

4  MS takes aim at RealNetworks ... again
Microsoft seeks to build a digital-media audience with its powerful Media Player 7.0. When bundled with Windows Me, it could mean a Real battle...

4  Plugged In: Confessions of a Dot-Com Founder
Nirav Tolia has more going for him than a lot of people who have tried to build a dot-com company...