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New Zealand

4  Chello merger will feed NZ offerings
The merger of the two broadband ISPs chello and Excite@Home underlines the value of the New Zealand network being built by Telstra Saturn, according to chello's regional head...

4  Telecom tests CDMA in Wellington
Telecom has been testing its forthcoming CDMA mobile network in central Wellington...

4  Sky City takes punt on web gambling company
Auckland's Sky City will spend nearly A$40 million buying up to a third of Australian-based online betting company Canbet...


4  Teen Hacking Idol Hits Big Apple
Jon Johansen, the 16-year-old Norwegian who wrote the program that cracked the supposedly uncrackable DVD encryption, finds himself near the center of the Hollywood vs. hackers trial...

4  Sony Streams Follow Suit
Spurred on by the America Online-Time Warner merger, the major music labels are finally joining the digital revolution. Sony borrows an idea from MP3.com in developing a streaming music service...

4  Are They Cybersquatters Or Cyberentrepreneurs?
With the $300 profit Russ Woodruff earned from selling the domain name "ihabit.com," he turned around and bought a rocking chair to sit in with his two-month-old daughter...

4  Movie, Music Industries Sue Ovitz' Scour.com
Trade groups representing the biggest movie studios, music publishers and recording companies on Thursday said they filed a copyright infringement suit against Internet company Scour.com, which is backed by Hollywood superagent Michael Ovitz...

4  New Microsoft Message Software Offers Free Calls
Microsoft Corp. on Thursday debuted a new version of its online messenger software beefed up with free long-distance Internet phone service that turns up the heat on messaging arch-rival America Online Inc...


4  IBM may face legal action unless Games website results run in braille
The blind activist who last year successfully campaigned for SOCOG to produce a braille versioni of the Olympic ticket book now says IBM could be guilty of discrimination...

4  4  Hansard reporter awarded $161,000
A HANSARD reporter has been given the largest award of damages in Australia for an equal opportunity complaint - after her employer failed to accommodate her need to telecommute....
Australian IT

4  Nothing but trouble for Namezero.com
The free domain name registration service is having trouble keeping up with demand following the collapse of a bulk processing deal with Melbourne IT...
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4  Microsoft Tests New Cookie Management Features
Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it plans to test new ``cookie'' management features for its Internet Explorer with the aim of helping users protect their privacy on the Internet....

4  Lawmaker complains about Internet porn filter in Dutch parliament
Technicians in the Dutch legislature have removed an Internet porn filter from Socialist Party computers after a lawmaker complained that it interfered with her research...
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4  First look at Palm redesign
Palm will refresh the VII and add an entry-level product in August. Stylewise, this isn't your father's PDA -- check out our exclusive pictures...

4  EU puts brakes on spam
The European commission is considering regulating the use of spam and cookies on the Internet...