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A Potpouri Today 10 August 2000 Edition
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Nothing really reached out and grabbed me as a topic for today's column -- but there are a few points in the news worth commenting on.

Whose Rhetoric?
I see that our beloved -- albeit apparently visionless Associate Education Minister, Steve Maharey, has felt it necessary to warn New Zealand that it should not get too "carried away by the rhetoric" of a knowledge economy.

It's nice of him to acknowledge the government's role in this Knowledge Economy -- at least I assume that's what he refers to when he talks about "rhetoric."

After all, all the industry members I know of are very realistic about the scope of the potential and, as soon as the government stops putting road-blocks in their way, they are ready to knuckle down and get going -- not just talk endlessly about what they're "going to do."

Viva La Difference!
I see that there are now more women than men using the Net in the USA -- I hope content creators are taking note of that. It strikes me that I don't see a lot of female-oriented content on the Web so perhaps there's a great opportunity for someone?

From Yesterday
Well knock me down with a feather... look at 4 this story published on IDG's site today -- all about SkyBiz 2000 being classified as a pyramid scheme in Australia.

After yesterday's article I received quite a bit of email from people who had already encountered this organisation -- and none of the comments made about them were at all positive.

I also took a peek at their so-called anti-spam policy. It seems that they don't really mind you sending unsolicited commercial email -- you just aren't allowed to mention their website by name. From 4 the policy:

"We have had some serious complaints about "unsolicited" emails coming from our members. We want to support our members in every way we possibly can, including in all of your marketing efforts. The unsolicited email complaints stem from the use of the names SkyBiz or skybiz.com, Skynary or skynary.com, Skybusiness or skybusiness.com, Skyfamily or skyfamily.com, familyontheweb or familyontheweb.com, companyonetheweb or companyonetheweb.com and skyboom or skyboom.com. (This rule also applies to ALL domain names hosted by SkyBiz)."

"Due to the complaints we have been receiving, we must ask that you do not put any of the names listed above in any unsolicited emails."

So, it appears that according to SkyBiz 2000 it's okay to spam -- just don't mention them when you do it.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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4  We'll be no.1: FreeOnline
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4  Media object to firm's using their content
There's a fledgling San Diego company, GoSMS.com, that offers users a free service so they can get news articles and other information on their wireless-telephone screens...
LA Times/Denver Post

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