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Reader Comments on Shooting Yourself In The Foot With Email

From: Richard
I "recently" emailed them [TransAlta] thanking them for their
recent price decrese (Well its a decrese for me).

3 weeks later I get a damn .DOC file from them, in which
they try to justify the price change! The same change I was
thanking them for!

I dont think they even read the email

From: Toya
I have had nothing but good responses from emailing
transalta. I had a problem backing out of my drive way as
there was a pole in the way. Suffered it for 12 months
before getting so pissed off one day I emailed transalta
customer care. Less than 24 hours later there was someone
on my doorstep, email in hand to see what the problem was.
Within a few short weeks the power pole was moved and my
driveway access made easier.

From: Glenn
Looking around Auckland I see recruitment agencies are
also the same. When sending in applications for jobs or
updated CV, a few companies dont acknowledge reciept of

You then spend 10 minutes on the phone trying to follow up
these applications over a period of a few days. Sometimes
which can be annoying.

From: Stuart Johnsen
There have been a couple of occasions where I have emailed
companies requesting info on their products, wanted a
catalogue,etc & have NEVER received a response. If only they
knew how much business they had just blown away by that
foolish action! :) If I'm ignored I let other people know
about my experiences so that they can avoid having to deal
with these companies, and with email this doesn't take long
to do :)

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