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Time To Lighten Up 18 August 2000 Edition
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Sometimes I think the whole Internet industry and scene is getting just a little bit heavy. Security holes, viruses, law suits, company collapses - they're all regular reading in the Net-industry news these days, so today I'm ignoring the dull and depressing to focus on the zany, whackey and laughable.

Over the years that I've been surfing the Web I've stumbled over some rather interesting websites, many of which have been cluttering up my bookmark lists for far too long. Today I'm sharing some of the best, worst and craziest with you.

4 Robert "Paul" LeBreton
Now here's a real whacko if ever I saw one. Mr LeBreton is a self-proclaimed "Scientist & Engineer & Entrepreneur" who is sitting on a small fortune by way of his "free energy" devices that look suspiciously as if they're powered by regular internal combustion engines.

However, don't dismiss this man as a fraud -- how could he be? After all, it says on his website that his companies are now "Hot Linked" to NASA!

Wow! Think of it, the guy is so smart that he's worked out how to put a link from his own website to NASA's one. I bet he's beating investors away with a stick eh?

4 The Adams Motor
Here we have another free-energy eckspurt who seems to think that he's onto something good -- and he's a Kiwi to boot!

Unfortunately, like so many people working on inventions that threaten the oil companies, he has become an enemy of the state and "survived an attempt on his life by an individual affiliated with the NZSIS and the CIA. Poor bugger!

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It's a shame the guy hasn't learned more than the very rudiments of electrical theory or he'd realise that his math and measurements are somewhat flawed.

4 Rocket Car
There can be few people who haven't heard the legend of the guy in the USA who strapped a rocket engine to is car and then set it off on some long deserted road.

According to the story the rocket was so powerful that the car could not be stopped and eventually he ran out of road, flew across a canyon and impaled himself and the vehicle in the side of a mountain.

This site gives a list of reasons why the original rocket car story could not have possibly been true and goes on to give a very long, detailed, and often very funny account of events surrounding a group of youths who actually built and fired their own rocket car.

It's really worth reading the whole 100K on this page as it's well written and quite an intriguing story that had me riveted to my screen for quite some time.

Is it true or just another hoax? You decide.

Time To Lighten Up?
If you'd like to see a "Time To Lighten Up" segment appear as a regular or semi-regular feature on Aardvark then drop me a line and say so.

If you have some sites that you think are just whackey or interesting enough to be of interest to other Aardvark readers -- let me know and I'll publish the best.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Brown bumped off Isocnz list for abuse
The man being sued by the CEO of Domainz over comments he made on the Isocnz members' list has now been suspended from the list over comments about Domainz' PR company...

4  US retailer buys Genie software
Auckland software house Genie Systems has sold its OrderWare electronic procurement system to a division of giant US retailer Toys 'R' Us...
NZ Herald

4  Clear spends $14m on upgrade
Clear says it has doubled the capacity of its telecommunications network in the North Island by investing in new fibre optic technology...


4  Studios Score DeCSS Victory
Hacker 'zine 2600 has been barred by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan from publishing the software code that unscrambles DVD encryption, in a major victory for the movie studios and a big defeat for Linux users...

4  New strain of "Love" virus steals passwords
Security experts say that a new strain of the infamous "I Love You" virus has hit some businesses located in Europe and in the United States...

4  European start-up banking on the need for weed
Amsterdam start-up iToke, a kind of alter ego to Kozmo.com, the popular 30-minute delivery service in several U.S. cities, plans to take delivery orders for marijuana starting Sept. 1...

4  Yahoo's price: ups, downs
It's no secret that Yahoo! is a well-managed, highly profitable and ultra rapidly growing Web portal that has left its competitors in the dust. However, there is a difference between a good company and a good stock...

4  No End In Sight For IM War
Imici joins the list of companies whose instant messaging products AOL has blocked interoperability with...


4  Start-ups to get $85m from US
Australian venture capital firms are to be joined by a powerful new player in the technology investment arena, opening up a fresh source of funds for local start-ups...

4  WorldCom data network goes into action
Global carrier WorldCom has launched its next assault on the Australian market, yesterday switching on a data network that locks it in battle with both national and international telcos...

4  This software hunts down criminals
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the 'baddest' criminal of all? In Australia, the feds are using off-the-shelf software to help them bust the bad guys...

4  Telcos pay the price
Telecommunications players in Australia are now paying the price for a decade of focusing on privatisation and share price at the expense of network infrastructure, industry analyst Paul Budde said today...
Australian IT


4  FBI Prepares to Disclose Material on Wiretapping
The FBI is collecting material giving details of its Internet-wiretapping system known as Carnivore and will begin turning it over to a privacy protection group for review within about 45 days, the Justice Department says....

4  Bank Says No Damage From New Virus
Swiss banking giant UBS AG said Thursday no damage has been reported as a result of a new strain of the ``Love Letter'' computer virus that specifically targets its customers...

4  Online traffic: Web is 'not a fluke'
There are now more U.S. households online than not, thanks to cheap computers and free ISPs shrinking the digital divide, new studies show...

4  EMI Sues Site Over Cell Phone Downloads
EMI Music Publishing has filed a $45 million copyright-infringement lawsuit against Santa Monica, Calif.-based Global Music One and chairman Ralph Simon...

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