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Reader Comments on More Evidence In The Magnetic Fuel Saver Debate

From: Nigel Bree
Scammers these people are, have *no* doubt whatsoever on
this, you may recall no less than Peter Brock giving
testimonials for the "energy polarizer" something over a
decade ago - something he doesn't do any longer - or the
now-mysteriously-vanished "Fuelstar" who sponsored a
motorsport series on Sky a couple years back.

But one of my favourites is www.inertialessdrive.co.nz
where in addition to the usual collection of fake devices
we have one that is more obviously impossible that most -
the "inertialess drive rotor".

I have never been able to work out whether this particular
scammer is clueless or clever for this - after all, it
sounds more impressively "technical" to most people but on
the other hand, many people should recognise it from the
classic juvenile SF of E.E. "Doc" Smith, a sample of which
courtesy of the Ripping Press

It's telling that the Doc's explanation is clearer than the
obfuscation on the IDC website, hmmm?

Another scam I had the pleasure of sitting in on and
debunking was a presentation for featured the regular
comp.compression favourite, "recursive" compression (able
to compress any data down to a single number by encoding in
a "multi-dimensional" space). Fortunately the proof of
impossibility for that one is simple for anyone to

Still, Bruce, I think you're being too hard on the civil
servants. None of these charlatans wouldn't be willing to
be seen in the press if there wasn't a ready supply of
people willing to believe, and I doubt more than one or two
at most of our sitting Members of Parliament have the
education or intelligence to recognise these scams either -
Prebble in particular certainly lacks the mental acuity to
have worked this one out without your help.

From: Bill Penney
As an ordinary New Zealander, I have had the dubious
pleasure of watching many a creative Inventor leave our
shores and take up residence in another country.  When are
these people going to realise that the cost of all this
political upstanding will never be at "their cost", but the
cost of the very people they should be helping.  I must
admit to being stunned at the initiatives of Mr Anderton
and Dr Cullen but I do believe, it is a step in the right

Points to ponder might be these;

1.  Has the ACT Party contacted Mr Balisingham to get his

2.  If indeed the country is at such "risk" of saving all
this fuel, would it not be prudent to at least ask

3.  If a similar invention, say, for the cure of cancer,
were to appear under similar circumstances, would that be
sufficient "Political Motivation" to slay the Inventor on a
national scale?

I believe that Mr Balisingham deserves better than this and
would like to offer the ACT members the chance to shut up
or put up - on this specific invention - and not generalise
their opinions for the sake of political gain.

From: Tony Reeves
Something that appears to be overlooked in the debate about
the effectiveness of these devices is that most cars built
in the last 20 years already pass the fuel through a
magnetic field at least as high as that generated by stick
on magnets.

The high pressure fuel pumps used in modern fuel injected
cars use permanent magnet DC motors and the fuel flows
through the motor and pump assembly to cool and lubricate

So if the technology works, the fuel will already be ionised
before it gets near the engine.

And then there is the strong magnetic field generated in the
fuel injectors themselves as they use an electromagnetic
solenoid to open the injectors and one again the fual flows
thru the solenoid to cool and lubricate them.

However I have no doubt that the devices only effect on true
fuel economy will be lower it slightly due to having to burn
more fuel to carry it around.

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