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Right Of Reply

From: Nathan Balasingham
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Get Aardvark out of the gutter!

Dear Bruce Simpson,

I think you need to save Aardvark Bruce. It has slipped into
a gutter and is heading down one track! This is not good for
the new economy - knowledge economy. We need good balanced
debate - right? So how about publishing the views that
doesn't support yours eg.Pat Costigan's view?

I have not responded earlier as I am not trying to market
the science. The bun fight in your column is centred on the
science. I am enjoying it - thanks guys.

I market a product, which delivers fuel efficiency,
virtually eliminates toxic fumes and gives a smoother
transmission of power. All the test requirements and proof
that are required I have. None of your readers have named
the product yet, so I assume they don't know what it is.
None of the published authors, including you have contacted
me before you went to print, (except Bill Penny). So all
others except Bill do not have knowledge of the validations
and proof. But before you put your foot in it be aware the
validations are solid as a rock. Scientist sometimes cannot
explain phenomena but it does not mean an invention cannot

I will be happier if you guys tone down that anger you carry
against me. It is no good for your health mates. Personal
attack I don't respond to, thank you.

So you see, I don't have to muck about with you guys in this
publication do I? I will not be publishing in your site
anymore because I am going to be busy. You see I know with
hundreds of others that have been associated with my product
that it will deliver what I claim. You have the choice I am
not forcing you am I?

You see mates, If we were to reduce petroleum consumption by
10% this translates to 20% reduction of imported petroleum
(we import 50% of our needs). If collaborating scientists
can work out why some of my lead clients have achieved up to
30% of fuel saving and apply this knowledge to lift the low
10% saving to the high 30% saving we will reduce our import
of petroleum by a massive 60%- how about that mates. The
number 8 kiwi culture!

The 1996 "Land Transport Pricing Study"-(Ministry of
Transport) shows that NZ looses $700 million in health
problems caused by diesel fume. Even if only 10% of our
diesel vehicles fitted my product  the reduction in health
loss will be substantial. In fact if I am right (I am and it
is proven) I am sure everyone will use my device because we
will mitigate this problem not at a cost but at a profit
(through reduced fuel cost)

According to the Kyoto Protocol we are meant to hold our CO2
 emission to 1990 level. In 2000 our emission is 19.2% above
1990! If we don't take action we may suffer from trade
repercussions. My product will assist to peg the level back,
again not at a cost but at a profit.

This is a "brain gain'' project, a USA invention, we add
value (Knowledge) and export it out again!

All this will happen because I have proven it over the last
3 years and 100% success. I still continue taking up
challenges where vehicles are operated under variable
conditions i.e. uncontrolled test. Because the runs are so
variable the data collected has to be substantial to smooth
out the variables and arrive a valid average.These "extreme
variables" trials are continuing and I am getting positive
results already.

Now you will excuse me and allow me to concentrate on making
it happen - ok? It is ok if you don't want to come along
with me and enjoy the proven benefits - that is your rights.

I leave you in peace now with this quote "First they ignore
you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you
Mahatma Gandhi

Kind Regards
Nathan Balasingham.
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