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Reader Comments on Would you like fries with that headline?

From: Rob K
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: News Sites & Ecom Sites merged,

Should CNN and BBC be trusted to sell products?  What makes
you click a link in the first place?

After following the discussion for several months, it now
makes PERFECT sense to merge news sites and sales sites.
Some months back, Aardvark ran a feedback request on what
made a reader click a link... The number one response was
INTEREST from an article, not advertising -- was it not?

Ok, so I'm reading the news.  Online, I'll read what
interests me, not what gets the highest Nielson ratings for
a TV program.  If I'm interested in the article (Using
Tiger Woods as an example), I'm probably interested in golf
and would therefore possibly be interested in golf products.

CNN and BBC may have links to sales sites related to a
specific topic I'm reading.  TARGETED ADVERTISING.  Another
tenant Bruce has touted in Aardvark.  Should they be
trusted to sell? Absolutely.  If there's a problem, can you
say shared liability?  If Sears has an independent
contractor do work, the onus is on Sears to ensure they are
reliable, or there is shared liability.  Of course, only
time (and a court test) will tell.

Bruce, good job.  I'd like a shot at your crystal ball.

Rob K
Baton Rouge, LA

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