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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 13 Sept

From: ken donelan
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: domains nzco.net(Internet Domain Name Registry Ltd),

Further to your article this morning:

1. The initial registration fee is $74 (& gst). The $49
(& gst) that you mentioned is the renewal fee.

2. Their problems with trade marks and 'trading off' will
surely continue as this morning I could have registered
"windows", "coke" and "pepsi" as nzco.net domain names.
(I didn't!)

Ken Donelan

Jamie Dobbs
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: NZ as a Tech Base,

I have to agree that the NZ Government just isn't doing
enough (well anything really!) to keep IT people in the
country. While I cannot really call myself an expert in any
one field I have been involved in the IT industry here for
the last 10 years (mainly network administration/desktop
support but I am a qualified hardware engineer - although
work in that area seems sparse!). I have only seen things
getting worse since the last election. One can only assume
that the Government does want this country to end up being
a 'banana republic' and has no fears with the sheer numbers
of 'professional people' leaving the country for greener

To me the only logical decision at this point is to decide
between relocating to the USA or Australia - each has its
own benefits (ie. its very easy for a Kiwi to get into
Australia, but the USA offers more benefits (in my view) -
although its more difficult to get into.). I'd be
interested in what others who have been in the industry for
last few years see as their options ... do we ride the
storm and hope it settles or do we fly the coup and start a
new life on distant (or not too distant) shores?

I'd like to thank you Bruce for keeping us informed with
whats happening in the real world and I hope that your
plans pan out and you can relocate as you wish .... I just
hope that it might be possible for me as well!

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