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Lighten Up 22 September 2000 Edition
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It's been rather hard to come up with a good lighten-up section this week -- which is a shame, given the state of the Kiwi dollar and our present lack of Olympic medals.

I found nothing particularly strange or funny during my own week's surfing and while some of the reader suggestions were "interesting", nothing really grabbed me enough to solicit even a smile.

So now's your chance -- get those suggestions in and if any are received throughout the day I'll post them here.

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Has Your Domain Disappeared?
A number of people have begun voicing complaints that their .nz domain names have "disappeared" from the NZ namespace -- seemingly because the renewal fee wasn't paid.

However, these same people are saying that they've never received an invoice, reminder or warning from Domainz, despite the fact that their registered contact details are correct and haven't altered for years.

What's going on? I don't know -- in my own case, the Domainz reminder/billing system seems to be working almost too well with a regular flow of pre-billing advice emails, invoices, reminders and last-chance reminders arriving on an almost daily basis.

If you've had problems with Domainz billing (or the lack thereof) please let me know.

Afraid To Win?
NZ's Olympic medal count stands (as of Friday morning) at zero -- just another dose of bad news for a country weathering the storms of a sinking currency and declining optimism?

Could it be that our sporting athletes are worried that it's now so politically incorrect to be "successful" that they fear the backlash that winning a medal might produce?

I must admit that I'm only half tongue-in-cheek when I make these comments and worry that perhaps the government may turn around and decide to take 39% of any gold medals won by Kiwis (in order that they can meet the state's obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi of course).

What I'm hoping however, is that if/when we win gold, the national pride that will ensue might just be enough to remind our bureaucrats and politicians that success (in sports and business) is something to be encouraged -- because winning benefits everyone.

At present, the vast majority of NZers, and certainly all politicians, seem happy to promote NZ's athletes and their efforts to win -- but we don't see the same attitude towards those who are risking more than their spare time and some sweat to build a winning business.

Perhaps it's about time we recognised the sacrifices and efforts made by those Kiwis who try to beat the odds and roadblocks to build their own businesses in the new economy.

While athletes who bring home medals may be great for the "warm fuzziness" of the nation, it's the hard working Kiwi entrepreneurs, business-people and workers who pay the bills for health, welfare and education.

Our returning athletes will probably get public accolades and praise -- our hard working entrepreneurs and new-economy workers will, if they're lucky, get taxed at 39 cents in the dollar.

Is it any wonder that we see stories 4 like this in our daily newspapers when the group which have the potential to be this country's real heros, those trying to build the new economy, are the ones getting the least help and acknowledgement.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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