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New Zealand

4  Pay us international rates please
To retain "knowledge workers" in the 21st century, New Zealand companies will have to pay at international rates, HR bosses have been told...

4  All about Daylight Savings
A reminder that Daylight Savings starts this weekend. Put your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed Saturday or you could...

4  INL link to Sky cited in 3G frenzy
INL's move towards interactive television through its link with Sky Network could be behind its fierce bidding for third-generation (3G) spectrum, say analysts...
NZ Herald


4  Dot Coms Do Bankruptcy Faster
Internet companies take less time than other firms to close cases in bankruptcy court. It helps that dot-coms don't have many hard assets to sort through, says a top Silicon Valley bankruptcy regulator...

4  My Phone/PDA Is Better than Yours
Companies are in a race to put out converged PDA cell phones. But will Americans take to them as enthusiastically as they have to the phones already on the market?...

4  Mac Cube: Is it all it's cracked up to be?
Apple Computer is fending off criticism its stylish Power Mac G4 Cube is marred by cracks. But are the hair-thin lines the defects they appear to be?...

4  MP3 sites see ad revenue jump thanks to Napster
Napster may or may not be good for CD sales, but online music sites can thank the popular file-swapping service for a substantial surge in revenues last month, according to a new study scheduled for release today...

4  Amazon apologizes for random price test
The giant online retailer sends refunds to almost 7,000 customers following a controversial variable pricing experiment...


4  Old School Australian Tech Houses US Bound
Australian technology players Lake Technology and Adacel announced both announced US expansion plans Thursday...

4  Online casino squeezed out by government ban
Trans-Global Interactive has scrapped its online gambling projects as a result of the Federal Government's proposed moratorium...

4  Web streaming not broadcast
A DETERMINATION by the Federal Government that audio and video streaming will not be considered broadcasting services has been welcomed by an internet industry group...
Australian IT

4  CyberWorks-Telstra pact in jeopardy
Under pressure to make concessions in mobile-telephone and Internet joint ventures with Telstra, a bail out by the Australian telco could put a dent in a US$3 billion debt-reduction exercise


4  Mitnick Talks Corporate Security
Corporate IT professionals on Wednesday took a lesson from an unlikely source: Kevin Mitnick...

4  Unix: Still The One For Enterprise Web Apps
When it comes to large-scale Web apps, most businesses still trust Unix machines over Wintel boxes...

4  New Sony Device Puts Net And TV in Your Hand
The Japanese high-tech giant on Thursday launched a portable screen that can be used to surf the Internet, send e-mails and watch TV, billing it as the digital era's answer to its revolutionary Walkman personal stereo...

4  E-signatures: Signed, sealed, delivered
The first [US] national digital signature law goes into effect Sunday. Will your life change? And for the better?...