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Lighten Up 6 October 2000 Edition
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Thank God it's Friday and another chance to lighten up! What an awful week it's been -- what with the Kiwi-peso dropping to another all-time low, our own government choosing to slam the initiative of Richard Poole and his Save NZ campaign rather than honestly fessing up and admitting that they're now out of their depth, and the re-appearance of the evil "stagflation" word.

But now for something completely different:

Pop's Wooden PC
A wooden PC? Wooden work, wood it? Who remembers those finely crafted wooden cabinets that were standard equipment in the early days of radio? Rich timber grains, precision assembly, and intricate design were the hallmarks of these beautiful pieces that were as much an item of furniture as they were a functional item. Well this is nothing like that.

And while on the subject of furniture -- an example of how sex (or the suggestion thereof) can be harnessed as a powerful selling tool.

Anvil Firing
Should this become an olympic event perhaps?

The Pot Calls The Kettle Black
I am, quite frankly, absolutely appalled at the way the government has reacted to the Save NZ campaign kicked off by Richard Poole. The revelation that a senior government official sent Mr Poole a rude, offensive and rather childish email shows the real depth to which this administration has fallen.

Mr Tony Simpson (no relation thank God), a senior advisor to Jim Anderton, told Mr Poole that he was a "half-wit" and that the Save NZ campaign was a "silly idea." The tone was scornful and derogatory -- and this is becoming a trademark response to anything or any one who dares to question this government's (and in particular Jim Anderton's) incompetence in stimulating New Economy enterprises.

Is it any wonder that Jim acts like an idiot on so many occasions when he has advisors of this calibre I wonder?

Readers Say
Leaving NZ - Richard

Future for young NZers - Alan

Permanent OE Kiwis - Stan

The Brain-Drain... - Craig

Piss off then! - Edwin

"Real Kiwis" - Paul

Have Your Say
Mr Anderton and his department have repeatedly acted like children -- unwilling to accept reasoned and informed criticism and repeatedly responding to such criticisms by way of rude and offensive comments and attacks on those who would dare to question their actions. This has often been extremely embarrassing for the nation -- such as when Anderton attacked Australia, dragging up the long-dead "underarm bowling" incident in the context of a political interview.

No citizen or taxpayer of this country deserves to have an honest attempt to "pitch-in" met with the kind of offensive and contemptuous response sent to Mr Poole. That Mr Poole effectively represents the very people who are so essential to the future of the country and are fleeing in droves makes the matter even worse.

Helen, Jim -- ask yourself -- why should Mr Poole or any of his peers even consider staying in a country that treats his attempts to highlight an important issue in such a disgusting and childish manner?

If this is the best that Helen and Jim can do to retain our best and brightest then we should all be very, very worried.

Tony Simpson has reportedly been "rebuked" for his actions but I believe Mr Poole is owed a formal apology for this disgusting personal attack by a government employee -- but don't hold your breath.

Watching the Holmes programme on TV last night I was gobsmacked when "Ms Limelighter" Helen Clark explained that NZ was a good place to live because it had great entertainment and a wonderful arts community.

Let them eat cake eh?

And what is it with Helen Clark and the Arts?

While I'm certain that the arts are an important part of our culture -- she seems to have gone totally overboard, spending an unbudgeted $120m of taxpayer money on this privileged group and refusing to acknowledge that, at a time when we're approaching economic crisis, the Arts must surely be considered as a luxury item -- not a key element or raw necessity for our nation's survival. Better that money was spent on making NZ a competitive player in the New Economy perhaps?

If Richard Poole's advertisement and the subsequent government reaction has proved anything it is that this administration, like the previous one, places blind ideology ahead of good sound commonsense, civility and a true concern for the welfare of its citizens.

Today I am ashamed to be seen as a Kiwi :-(

A Thanks To My Readers
A very big thanks to all those who responded to yesterday's column by offering to sponsor my planned trip to see Dr Cullen and Co.

Unfortunately it's not the airfare that's the problem at present -- it's the time involved and the cost that such a detour would represent to the ventures I'm currently dedicated to.

I do appreciate the offers though -- it's nice to see that there are still some "real Kiwis" with a great attitude to sorting this country out -- even though they appear to be disappointingly thin on the ground within government and its offices.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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