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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 17 Oct 2000

From: Sean Trengrove
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Regarding - Renting Out Our Brains

Your editorial really struck a chord with me.  This is
exactly the approach that I believe NZ should be adopting.
We have tremendous potential with New Zealanders here and
overseas (why can't we entice NZers to return to live at
home but continue working with their overseas employer?)but
as you note organisation is the answer.

I think that the NZ embassies are a good start but feel
that there is also tremendous potential in harnessing the
network of 100s of 1000s of NZers living overseas, and if
that is not enough develop the networks of people who have
studied in NZ and now hold positions in their own countries.

Your editorial has inspired me to work harder to try and
get some momentum into this issue.  Thank you!

From: Drew Whittle
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Do it anyway

Great Idea. I know that when I first started looking at
tele-working (about 4 years ago) I had no idea about where
to look or what to do. (or what sort of value to place on my
skills in an O/S market)

I have learned the tricks, experienced the good and the bad
sides of tele-working.

It can be a lonely place when your sitting at your PC all
day with no work mates. Are there people out there
interested in a Tele-workers "club"?

From: Steve Peacocke
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Teleworking for overseas companies

It's most frustrating trying to get teleworking jobs - they
have proven to be non-existant in New Zealand. I have over
20 years of the sort of programming and management
experience that is being cried out for in places like the
United States but have been unable to get any sort of foot
holding, mainly due to the lack of any organisation. It's
like nailing jelly to a tree.

However, if a reputable agency wants to get behind it, I
will offer my services, not only to keep in regular touch
with all the intending teleworkers in New Zealand, but
provide them with an interactive web page and worker

This is an excellent idea. Due to the current dollar rate
we are very cheap; due to the very high implementation of
technology in New Zealand we are aware; and due to the
general Kiwi work ethic and No 8 wire ingenuity, we are a
very capable bunch.

All we need is a forward thinking agency with overseas

From: Jamie Dobbs
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Teleworking for overseas companies


This would have to be one of the single most brilliant
ideas I've seen in a very very long time! I read your
column every day and from time to time I see something that
I consider replying to - this is very definately one of
those times.

The idea of agencies setting up to do this kind of
recruitment is a very good one, but I wonder if any of them
are willing to 'take the plunge' and do it?

There must be some staff from recruitment companies that
read Aardvark - so how about some feedback from those in
the employment industry on the validity of this fine idea?

I'd be the first in the queue to offer my services as a
teleworker to an overseas company, but I can't help but
wonder if my particular skillset (Network Administration
under Novell and NT) is a viable one for this kind of work,
I guess it could be as in my current role I often do after
hours support for our computer systems from home.

Congratulations on another fine idea Bruce - lets see if we
can somehow get this one rolling..... all we need now if a
recruitment agency with some vision, drive and passion to
make it work!

From: Neil Cartwright
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Teleworking

Hi Bruce, I think that your idea on the teleworking is a
very good one and would provide many people here with, as
you say, the ability to earn income from overseas while not
having the higher cost of living that many of these
countries have. I think that Tradenz might be a good
starting point for this sort of thing because they are
active in promoting business ventures overseas for NZ
companies and bringing overseas businesses in here, so I'd
assume that they have some of the contacts to promote this
sort of service.

Perhaps it should not just be individual knowledge workers
who should be selling their skills - there must be
opportunities for businesses based here whose clientele are
all overseas - there are certainly examples of that
happening currently.  This would also allow for training
and for the workers to have the opportunity to interact
with others (lets face it - some people don't operate
particularly well working on their own from home or
wherever) and bounce ideas of other people.

Other countries such as India are doing this teleworking
for software development etc for overseas companies - they
provide the benefit of low cost, and while we may not offer
such a low cost we have the benefit of the time difference
and probably lower costs than in the U.S. and Europe.

Perhaps you can get feedback from organisations that are
already doing this sort of thing, either themselves or
organising it for others.

From: Dave
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: teleworking

equipping key NZ Embassies with a teleworking liaison
officer Sounds Great!

This would be the same incumbents (Government bureaucrats-
not Labour (I mistrust them all equally!))that allow
Internal Affairs Auckland Office, to have a broken 486
Compaq PC for "customer use", tagged with a "hasnt worked
since 09/99" handwritten label on the screen, to be used for
some database lookup.

How ludicrous, embarrassing and utterly incompetent
management to allow what should be our preeminent "Entry to
New Zealand Citizenship" office display a broken pc.

Not only is it insulting to me as a tax payer, New Zealand
citizen, and working stiff, but for a manager of such an
office to allow staff to deride the service; for him/ her to
equally ignore the eyesore, and finally to deny access to
something that is apparently a right, displays the
ineptitude and contempt of government management policies.

And ater 25 years paying taxes I cant get a management job
because I dont have "papers". Ah well, all's ok with Godzone
eh mate!
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