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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 2 Nov 2000

From: Aaron Dow
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Cisco, Microsoft - not the best role models

I generally agree with your opinion (crusade?) for better
treatment of R&D for this country. However you should be
aware that the prime examples of good R&D companies you
supply (Cisco and Microsoft) have accounting practices that
would not endear them to their home government. In short
they are avoiding paying tax - even though they are highly
successful and profitable. This link to the Register has
more information:


Perhaps we should lure the government into R&D enlightment
by quoting R&D companies that _actually_ pay tax.

Just a thought

Aardvark responds:
While these companies may be paying little or no tax, how much tax are its high-income employees paying on their salaries? How much tax are those companies which provide them other support services such as cleaning, phones, vehicles, etc, etc, paying? And if such companies didn't exist at all, or if they were in another country, how would that benefit the government coffers at all?
From: Peter Belt For : The Editor (for publication) Subj: e-Commerce Success I started another e-venture 7 weeks ago, startup cost $70, on-going actual cost $20 per month. Income before tax over the last 4 weeks, $1000. Projected income in 12 months, $5000 per month. Problem: I can't tell you about it, because you can do it too, and so can everyone else. So what makes me able to do this? Research, (self) education, and hard work. Everything you have said so far in all your columns about e- ventures is spot on. You're not to first to mention them, but for some weird reason, very few follow these rules of the road. It doesn't matter how many times you write "how to plan, launch, maintain and profit from an e-venture" type articles, unless people understand and implement this advice, they are probably wasting their time. I got listed on Yahoo in 3 weeks. I just got notification from NBCi - took 4 weeks. It's not rocket science AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE RULES. Personally, I wouldn't tell people what the rules are. The longer they keep thinking they can do it their own way, the longer it will be before I have real-world implementation times of 1-2 years before profit, instead or 1-2 months like I have now. Funny thing is, I haven't got any knowledge that isn't already freely available if you take the time to look, do some R&D (ha!), a little test marketing (what?), and then a properly planned launch. Mind you, that's probably what 99.9% of the people looking at e-business don't do: Planning, research, testing, launch. Now where would you pick up good habits like that I wonder? Do I hear "software development?" Do I hear "Project Management?" Do I hear "Wedding Planning?" Do I hear "Fund raising and building a new club facility?" Would tell you more, but I'm too busy planning the Franchise phase - better to make $500 a month of 100 people than $5000 a month myself. ;-) And readers, the secret IS in this message. If you think it's just me sounding off, then you better be lucky or have deep pockets. What a beautiful day it is. Two orders came in as I was typing this, the people that fill them have been sent a copy, the money is already in my account because of CC automation. I think I'll take the dog for a walk. Peter Belt Internet "guru" (yeah, right....! :-) PS: All together now, "Planning, Research, Testing, Launch"

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