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New Zealand

4  Speed Up Net and Process
The governmentís attempts to create a framework to drive telecommunications competition donít go far enough, fast enough, according to Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Ernie Newman...

4  Telecom NZ, Lucent suspend Australian CDMA rollout
Telecom of New Zealand and Lucent Technologies announced today they have agreed to suspend the rollout of their CDMA mobile network in Australia during its review period...


4  Netscape Builds E-Commerce Products In India
Web-browsing software maker Netscape Communications, a unit of Internet services giant America Online, launched its Indian operations on Thursday, taking advantage of a growing pool of software developers...

4  Yahoo says France can't regulate its auctions
The Web giant says it will file a declaratory judgment in a U.S. federal court to show that the French government has no jurisdiction over the company's operations...

4  MP3.com inks video deal with Warner Music
Online music company MP3.com said Thursday that it has entered a video and audio licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, the record label owned by Time Warner...

4  Outlook 2001: Software Players Pin Hopes On Web Services
Software giants have seen the future. And it's defined by Web services...

4  Time Warner Wins Potter Domains
A total of 107 dot-coms related to Harry Potter -- many of them already registered to another company -- are awarded to Time Warner, which already owns the series' marketing rights...


4  Optus accuses Telstra of 'spin doctoring'
The bitter ongoing feud between Cable & Wireless Optus and Telstra has taken another turn, with Optus launching action against Telstra over 1-3, 1300 and 1800 services...

4  LookSmart big wheels rush for the exit door
Shares in Internet directory group LookSmart plumbed new lows on Wall Street overnight. Continued deflation of the dotcom bubble and heavy selling from LookSmart insiders continued to drag down the onetime Nasdaq heavyweight...

4  Watchdog warns on email use
Watchdog warns on email use THE sacking of five NSW police officers who transferred emailed pornographic images to colleagues and the pending dismissal of six others led yesterday to warnings from a government watchdog that public employers must properly investigate email abuse...
Australian IT


4  Online Content Site Salon.com Cuts Staff
The award-winning online magazine Salon.com on Wednesday cut 20 percent of its staff and warned investors that fourth quarter revenues would come in well below forecasts because of the soft online advertising market that has hurt all Internet content sites...

4  Russian Police Crack U.S., Europe Child Porn Ring
Russian police, working with British and American colleagues, arrested two suspects accused of selling child pornography over the Internet in Europe and the United States, a police spokeswoman said Thursday in Moscow...

4  The Floppies
Sleaze! Depravity! Drkoop.com! Once again we expose the bizarre, the ludicrous, and the downright dumbest events of the year, in our third annual Floppy Awards...

4  McNealy: Cost-cutting to continue
In an internal memo, Sun's CEO warns of sober times ahead but takes some pot shots at Microsoft and, yes, Tiger Woods...