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$pend More Money Now 23 January 2001 Edition
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Yesterday a local web designer sent me a copy of an email they received recently from DomainLeasing.co.nz.

Not only was the email an unsolicited commercial (seemingly) bulk mailing with the rather uncourteous and unprofessional introduction "Dear Web Designers" but the service being touted is patently ridiculous.

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The website for DomainLeasing.co.nz claims:

"Leasing can enable an online business to conserve capital during the start up phase. When you lease a domain name your initial costs are lowered and the tax benefits of leasing may be more favourable than the outright purchase of a name."

Excuse me? What colour is the sky in the world where these people live?

Last time I checked you could still register a new domain name over at Domainz or through any of its agents for around a hundred bucks. Any company that needs to save this kind of money during their "start up phase" really ought to revisit their financing arrangements!

Ah -- but wait -- they're really trying to flog you the right to use one of the many priceless domain names they've already registered -- names such as:

  • domainsquatter.co.uk ($100/mth)
  • devil.co.nz ($100/mth)
  • dashboard.co.nz ($120/mth)
  • name.co.nz ($500/mth)
  • nationwide.co.nz ($600/mth)
Hey, guess what folks -- for just US$10 per year you can register the following alternatives:
  • nzdevil.com (saving $1,180 per year)
  • nzdashboard.com (saving $1,420 per year)
  • nzname.com (saving $5,980 per year)
  • nznationwide.com (saving $7,180 per year)
The site has a page with a "bank opinion" but as we all know, this is no guarantee that the company concerned won't decide to shut-down operations at some time in the future possibly leaving leasees to face a huge bill to buy rights to the names they've been leasing (not that I'm suggesting this will happen).

Likewise, the leasing contract entitles the company to bump the lease rate at six-monthly intervals so there's no knowing what that $100/month name could cost in a year or two's time.

Aardvark's advice: Leasing a domain name from a third-party gives you far fewer rights and is infinitely more risky than leasing a name directly from the official registrar or one of their agents.

A domain name is like your phone number -- absolutely critical to the ongoing success of any online activities. Losing your domain once you've established a presence on the Net can be immensely damaging to a business so I advise anyone to think very carefully before adding what could be a "weak link" to their online strategy.

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