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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 31 Jan 2001

Note: the comments below are the unedited submissions of readers and do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher.


From: Karl Mottram
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: In reply...

In reply to your article...

Firstly, it is astounding that such a minor matter has made
it to this austere publication, I can only assume Alan
Brown has allies in the most unlikely places. His
reputation is more that of an over-reacting buffoon, from
the accounts I have received. With claims of "working for
the Russian CIA" to his credit (made to a respected member
of the Palmerston North business community), it is a great
wonder how anyone can take him seriously. I do not doubt
his technical skills, but his mental health is, and has
been for many years, the question of some debate in PN.

Secondly, after being informed that the newsgroup postings
WERE MADE. This is a point we wish to make VERY clear. My
personal ignorance of NG charters is clear, but there was
no deliberate attempt to subvert charters by being picky.

As to my design skills, I don't claim to be a great web
designer. I have some projects that work, and some that
don't. Bifrost has been so successful with it's giveaways
that I simply don't have time to 'clean it up' and the fast
downloads seem to be a pleasing factor to most users, as
the stacks of feedback show.

Your claim that we "tout our skills" as web designers is a
weak point, as the link you provide clearly states that we
are... "...a Palmerston North based business with a primary
focus on development and support of the PANORAMA MultiMedia
Advertising Package..." and that web design is a secondary
aspect. And to call me a 'cowboy' is of great humour
indeed, as I have been one in the past, literally. Working
with a stunt team and as a movie extra doing many cowboy-
style stunts. However, in the context you use, I still
cannot deny it, nor would I. In a day and age where you
either need a high-paying speciality, or you collect
whatever crumbs you can, I can proudly say I collect enough
crumbs to maintain my family, and still have time and
efforts left to enjoy life. If that means making use of my
digital camera, then I shall, and I do.

Your comment:
Second Mistake: -- when he was flamed -- for doing so, he
chose to incur the wrath of Alan Brown, a man not known for
tolerating spammers, idiots or buffoons.
highlights an interesting point of ethics within the inner
circles of the internet community. What ever happened to
telling ME I was making a mistake? Instead I find out that
Alan has been doing his usual shit-stirring when a friendly
member of the ISP community forwarded me an email copt of
Alan's abusive attacks. Does Alan know, I wonder, just how
many people consider him to be an over-reacting buffoon
himself? I think not, for if he did I am sure he would curl
up and wither in shame. Alan is a man known for his
intolerance of human mistakes, despite falling victim to
many of them himself, that is for sure.

I sincerely hope you do publish this reply, uneditted, as I
have had reports from other who have made comment, and yet
see no feedback at all listed.

I should also make note that we DO NOT, under any
circumstances, sell or release mailing lists of address to
ANY agency.

ONE of the competition sponsors, 91zm, have the "ZM
Experience", and require Name, Address and Contact Phone
number. Te enter the ZM experience is OPTIONAL, and users
have the choice NOT to, in which case all survey results

Email lists are purely for internal use, and are used to
send updates ONLY at this stage. Should that situation
change, all users will be given the choice to be REMOVED
from the lists BEFORE they are used for any other purpose.

At the bottom of all batch-mails is a paragraph explaining
this, and also explaining how to remove themselves from the
list at any stage. We support the "No Spam Mail" effort.

The NG incident is an unfortunate situation which does not
change our standing on email's at all.

Also to note, NG's had been removed from our marketing plan
PRIOR to Mr Brown's complaints, and it was unfortunate he
chose that time to kick up his stink. Had he waited a mere
week longer, he would have seen we had withdrawn from that
media, and would have had nothing to complain about.

From: Andrew MacKay
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Crap digital photography

If he thinks that a few digital shots, showing pretty
sunsets are going to get work then he realy needs to have a
look at the work done by some of the more talented stills
photographers out there.

I have been selling shots via my website for a few years
now and haven't need to spam the world to do so.

It's kinda fun seeing the results of a lil cheap digital
camera in the hands on a wally as upposed to still taken on
film and then scanned at several million megapixels.

If you get a chance have a rattle around my website, it's
not much and is always "under construction" depending on my


From: Jamie Brook
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Re: one4b

I read with interest your article on the drug one4b that
you disagree with it being taken off the market.

You make a very valid point that it is no worse than
alchohol - and i couldnt agree more with you, but i believe
we do not need another drug freely available on the market
that has the potential to kill with excessive use.

I agree, it's double standards. But could you imagine the
Health Dept. trying to ban or restrict the use of alcohol
in New Zealand? There would be riots in the streets! No
matter how much they'd love to, it would be practically

Yes, it's the old story, a few minority losers wreck it for
the rest of us (yes, that includes disordely drunk 18/19yr
olds, as has been in the news in recent weeks..)

It's not fair, but that's life.

From: Don McKenzie
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Today's Issue (31 Jan)

Every week day your Aardvark is where I commence my web

But today you seem to have excelled yourself.  The in depth
research, substantiating your conclusions, is so profound
that I have to ask myself how do you manage to do anything
else within the 24 hour period.

Excellently and lucidly presented, and a real pleasure to
follow your links through.  I really mean it - how DO you
find the time?

Aardvark Replies:
Simple -- I don't sleep (much).

From: Tripz!
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Recreational Drug Use

Ahh Aaardvark, you are one of the more intellegent
respectable people in society.

Although you may not partake in certain recreational drugs
you can see the propaganda that surrounds these drugs.

Alot of people agree that there is an air of hypocrisy when
it comes to these illegal recreational drugs. I mean, we
live in a country where Tobbacco is legal and Alcohol is

Tobacco makes alot of money for the government. Has anyone
wondered why they spend millions each year trying to stop
people from smoking when it's a legal drug?

Sure it's people's choice, but it's addictive and that
takes away alot of self control and logical thought.

Then theres the issue of Cannabis and Alcohol. You can't
compare the two, but if you did, you'd see hypocrisy too.
Once again we have one drug which kills hundreds each year,
and another which does not. The health affects of cannabis
are reduced to short term affects when consumed as food,
and one study shows that those that got "high" 11 days out
of 30, only 11% of those experienced the short term

We have a situation in this country where the government
would rather MS sufferers take a $18,000 per year
(subsidised) drug to treat their symptons (which causes
numerous henious side effects) rather than one alternative,
cannabis, which costs and causes significantly less
problems, but is illegal.

Alot of people will discount my views, will bring up the
issue of children and drugs. But it's the same as alcohol
and kids. It's the same for any drug. Hey anyone ever given
thought to Tobacco and Kids?

I'm going out on a limb here, but I've smoked cannabis for
6 years straight, pretty much every day or every second
day. I'm have just completed my second degree at
university. B.Com, B.Sci. My grade levels are B+ average. I
do agree that there are affects associated with cannabis, I
don't deny them... but I'd rather sit in a room of pot
smokers and philosophise, than walk down the street
watching the Friday hoons puking in rubbish bins,
challenging the police.. and the worst of all.. watching a
young man flop it out as he walks down the street...
oblivious and absolutely out of it... leaving a trail that
I only thought snails made..

Kudos to Nandor who has stood up, tarnished his
reputation.. been ridiculed.. yet is one of a few in
parliament that actually preaches what they believe..

From: Peter Palmer
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Re: Mr Mottram

Mr Mottram writes:

> With claims of "working for the Russian CIA" to his
> credit

Mr Brown is not an imbecile, as Mr Mottram would try to
imply by having cliam to be employed by an organisation
that doesn't exist.

FYI, MR Brown has in the past worked with the FBI and
DISA on matters pertaining to the security of the US
Governmental mailservers and relay systems. Note the
phrase "Worked with" rather than worked for.

> (made to a respected member of the Palmerston North
business community),

Care to substantiate this with a name? What constitutes
respected in this case? The lies that Mr Mottram has

> it is a great wonder how anyone can take him seriously.

And we're supposed to take Mr Mottram's word on trust. A
man whose criminal record for fraud is public domain?

From: Jonathan Dodd
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: "Hits"

Great to see some public exposure about how claims
re: "hits" are so inaccurate and misleading.  I always say,
anyone who talks "hits" has immediately flagged some degree
of ignorance.  Even using server logs for website
statistics is extremely inaccurate, misleading, and old-
hat, when there are now  infinitely more accurate traffic
measurement systems available.

From: Hank Pinney
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: one4b,cannabis,beer,etc.

Always a good idea to research what you'll pay if you play!
Sure, cold Heniken and a shot of Wild Turkey make a lazy
Sunday afternoon. Personally, willing to pay the price
(mostly tax!). Curious your article and accompnying comments
didn't mention: SEX!! Probably the "new-age" version of
Russian Roulette! Trouble is, really lousey ways to go,
often come packaged beautifully. Used to be a word I haven't
heard for years: judgement. All the aforementioned "bad"
legal and illegal substances, addictive, or not, impair
judgement. I attended U.C. Berkeley in the late sixties and
early seventies and most likely ran accross every street
drug available at the time. Still ammazed I never did
acid! Pablo Escobar or Eli Lilly; not much difference. Guess
much has to do with which politician you have have in your
pocket at what time. Another plus for the NET: before I
swallow it, inject it, or "deposit" it, I can check it out,
and I do! We live in a world society that, for philisophical
reasons I won't go into, seems to be losing the ability to
practice moderation. Legistated "morality", despite
admirable intentions, simply doesn't work. We (U.S.) proved
this with Prohibition. Enjoy your Thursdays! Yeah, "Lighten
Up!" Hope you continue this.

From: Rob K
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Gov't Anti-Trust... Relation between drugs and the Internet

You said it:

"...but I hate being told I can't be trusted to make
sensible decisions by ..."

The government needs to GET OUT OF OUR PERSONAL LIFE.  It's
funny, really.  I can't buy a gun until I'm 21.  I can
chose the leader of my country at 18...  And I can joint
the Army and fight, kill and possibly die at 17 (in my
case, 16 with parental permission).

I do NOT need a government to tell me how to protect myself
from myself.  This reason you state about drugs... That's
the same reason that they fear the Internet!  They haven't
figured out how to bring it under POLITICAL CONTROL and get
MONEY out of it to line THEIR (pigs) troughs.

Rob K
Baton Rouge, LA

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