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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 16 Feb 2001

Note: the comments below are the unedited submissions of readers and do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher.


From: Michael
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: IndraNet Technologies is ok in my books

Although IndraNet may be a risky prospect one should only
invest money they can afford to loose. The company is ahead
of the schedule set out in their first public offer which
didn't see any commercialisation for 5 years. They've done
it in two.  It's also interesting to note that their issue
price was $2.00 per share originally, but in Nov 2000 just
before the company stopped trading to do a 5 for one share
split they were trading at $4.70.  This is a very tidy
return for any share to make, but especially a technology
share during the year of the dot-gones.

Another important aspect is that the directors are
investors and they have invested their own money in the
venture.  That means the people behind the company have
just as much to loose as the small shareholders if not
more.  They have also managed financial control and seem to
have spent the money they raised wisely.

They have developed partnerships with other technology
leaders to leverage their time and increse the speed to
market of their technology.  This alone will reduce the
risk to shareholders.  If the company can get its
technolgoy to market sooner and start generating reveune
(which has been in their business plan from the start,
unlinke a lot of dot-gones) they will reduce the need for
further shareholder capital input.

The people behind the company have achieved some positive
results, and have been rewarded by way of an increase in
share price.  The potential market opportunity is in the
order of billions of people, of which they only need to
capture a small percentage for the shareholders to reap
huge rewards.  Everything seems to stack up.

My money is where my mouth is and I am wagering that
IndraNet will turn into the next Cisco.  I'm not selling
any of my holding until the share reash $US90.  But that
said I have reduced my risk by limiting my exposure, and it
is money I can afford to loose.

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