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Mobile Data, Paupers Need Not Apply 19 June 2001 Edition
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Hands up all those who remember when the entire NZ Internet was connected to the rest of the world by a single 9600 bps modem and you had to pay $10 a megabyte for traffic?

I suspect there aren't too many who have a Net-memory that extends that far back -- but it appears that if you're looking forward to using fancy new Net-services through your next-generation cellphone then it's going to be a case of deja vu all over again.

Okay, this time we've got a lot more bandwidth -- but the price!!

7amNews Sci/Tech


If this story from Computerworld is to be believed, users of GPRS cellphones will be paying an incredible $30 a megabyte for their data.

I have recently questioned the practicality of Net-enabled cellphones on the basis of ergonomics -- now it must be questioned on the basis of affordability.

Okay, so we're looking at early-adopter pricing here and it's a certainty that prices will drop as time goes by -- but I still can't get over the prospect of paying such a huge amount.

And what about the effect of spam?

Imagine -- a 10 Kbyte junk email offering to fix your credit, enlarge your manly parts, or set you up with a massively profitable home business will cost you 30 cents to receive. Of course sometimes you'll pick them as being spam when they have a subject such as 'FA$$$$T CA$$$H', but what about the ones that have the subject line 'Re: appointment time'?

From a business perspective, will it will soon be possible to bankrupt your competitors by mailbombing them?

But what do you think... will you be prepared to pay $30 per MB to access your email and do a bit of web-browsing from your GPRS phone?

Share your thoughts.

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  • GPRS: I heard of this... - Dominic
  • netmemory yes i have it... - Rob
  • Wireless Data... - Hamish
  • $30/Mbyte - compare other mobile data... - Mike
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    Risk Management
    Here's a little gem that an Aardvark reader sent me last week and I felt was just too good to ignore.

    The New Zealand Society for Risk Management has started an email-based newsletter to disseminate useful information -- presumably about risk and its management.

    Here is the cover note that accompanied the first issue:

    Subject:  RiskPost - NZSfRM Newsletter
    From:  Janet Simes
    Dear Members
    Attached as a word document is Issue 1, Number 1, of
    RiskPost, the newsletter of the New Zealand Society for
    Risk Management.
    Janet Simes
    Executive Officer
    New Zealand Society for Risk Management
    P O Box 41 016
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Phone 64 4 562 8792
    Fax 64 4 562 7252

    Did you spot the paradox?

    "Attached as a Word document"... ????

    Ha! Risk Management indeed!

    Have they never heard of MS Word macro trojans and viruses? Or perhaps the more subtle and harder to detect remote template trojan attack?

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