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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 10 June 2002

The following is a small excerpt of the email received (which was marked "for publication") following the announcement that I'm having to give up writing the Daily Aardvark column.

Many thanks to the numerous others who offered to assist Aardvark by providing free web-hosting and other services. Hosting the site is not a significant expense -- most of the costs stem from the amount of the time it takes to write the column, aggregate the headlines, and deal with all the email messages that often result from my outspoken writing.

Will Aardvark ever return?

I don't know. I guess that if the X-Jet project turns to custard through lack of funding then I may well end up on the dole -- in which case I'll have plenty of time to revive it :-)

However, I've just been invited to take an engine to the Farnborough Airshow in July so, for at least the next couple of months, I'll be head-down, bum-up chasing the funds to build it and working at least 18-hour days in order to get the job done in time.

Note: the comments below are the unabridged submissions of readers and do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher.


From: Robbie Steele
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Sorry to see you going....

My word, its the end of the world... the solar system...
the universe... well maybe not that bad, but its bad enough.

When I first came across Aardvark I was immediatly captured
by the ease of reading and the comments from Bruce.  I have
used aardvark as a source for a lot of information and I am
greatful for Bruce in suppling this information...

I'm sorry to see you go Aardvark... Maybe in a better world
when the internet is actually free for hosting and/or
creating we might see you again...

From: Edwin Hermann
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: End of File

Hi Bruce,

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before?  It
truly is sad that Aardvark is closing, but then, I can
totally see your point of view.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do, whether it's
the X-Jet Engine or something else.

Thank you for providing such a valuable, eye-opening
column, not to mention unique.

It is something that won't be and can't be totally replaced.

Let me finish by telling you how I first found out about
Aardvark:  I was a student at university and when I logged
into my Unix account I found I was locked out and was asked
to see the Director of the Information Technology
department.  It turned out that my webpage hosted on my
university account was featured on Aardvark's "I can't
believe it's true" section.  My website had a number of
satirical defaced logs (ie: Trustbank restyled to
Crustbank, etc).

Thanks Bruce.

Edwin Hermann.

From: Bruce G
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Dont' go!

Aardvark has to stay! Like thousands of others this
website has become not just part of our daily habit, but
even more so, the first stop every morning monday thru
friday for so long we can't conceive of its' demise.

If it is dollars, tell us how much you need. If it is
editorial support, show us how we can help. If it be a
hosting and/or traffic issue, tell us, and we will solve
it. The response to your news yesterday should be evidence
indeed that not only will Aardvark be sorely missed, but
there are many out here who are ready and willing to do
what it takes so Aardavark lives.

However if the decision to go is final, like so many
others I thankyou for your courage, your intelligent and
thought-provoking writing, and your showing the way for
all of us. Hell, even Danny was moved to call you a
mate! :-)

From: james
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: no don't go!

no don't go!
ill subscribe

From: Dennis
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Long live Aardvark

Also very sad to see Aardvark go. It was my first visit
each day.

Would it be worth turning Aardvark into a forum site where
those who have logged in each day can discuss and incite?

I have to admit I have not donated any hard earned cash to
the Aardvark coffers but now faced with its disappearance I
would certainly cough up a fee to keep it going.

This is all probably irrelevant anyway since you may be
making good progress with your real baby - the jet engine.
Hope it all goes well and I look forward to riding my
Simpson powered Segway soon.

Many thanks.

From: Jonathan Dodd
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: who says websites are cold and impersonal?

Very very sorry Bruce to see Aardvark go!  You've been the
first thing I read every day for the last few years, and
have really been the most sane commentary around.  Your
wit, toughness and technical expertise, coupled with the
knowledge of what the web CAN and SHOULD be like has made a
huge difference to us all.  Especially as you write from
the heart, wotuhout having to pander to a prescribed
editorial style - journalism has been the winner for it.

I write a weekly internet column for the NBR and so can
really appreciate what you must have laid out for all us
readers, doing this every day for so long - granted,
Telecom has given you enough material!!!  :-)

Want to appear like the most informed person around in
regards to current web issues?  Just read aardark every day!

Logging onto to you has been an important part of my daily
lifestyle and writing the thing must have been for you.
And as we all sit here lamenting your loss, how many of us
have actually paid you???  Not me, and it really brings
home to people involved in the industry like myself just
how complex an issue like free / paid content is.  Or....
perhaps this is just an elaborate ploy to finally get us to
pay???  Howsabout trialling some kind of payment system now
the addicts are without their aardvark fix??  I for one
will pay - I hope others finally accept this necessity.

If this doesn't work out, well, good luck in future

From: Rob K
For : The Editor (for publication)

You can't go!!!

Ok, I'm not a financial wizard with lots of extra cash to
sink into your site... but I've got to tell you, you make a
difference in my decision making and they way I influence
my customer base.

For the effort, good times and fun, I thank you.

For the effect you've had on the world, I stand in awe.

Please, keep your readers informed of what you're doing.


Rob K
Baton Rouge, LA

From: Painty
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Thanks for all your efforts

RIP Aardvark. You will be missed

From: Philip
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Thanks...

Well, while I will obviously be disappointed if Aardvark
ceases "sniffing out the facts and stimulating thought and
discussion" I want to thank you for the effort you've put
into the site over the years.

From: Danny de  Hek
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: We are all going to miss ya!

Hello Bruce!

We are all going to miss the Daily Aardvark! (mean it) My
business (NewZealandNZ Limited) has become to be a very
good business turning over good dollars! but as you know it
is not just money and this is why I still love it as I
enjoy the job as well!

Thanks for featuring me in the 'These people include the
newsworthy, notorious or just plain nice folks who have
directly or indirectly played a part in making Aardvark the
popular site it has become.'

I was listed first!!! now what cat do I come under? you
forgot to say friends in the list! well you always are
welcome to visit me in my office in Christchurch if you
come down this way! also if you need a hand on promoting
your new business idea you are welcome to have one of my
Advertising Blitz (FREE) see www.websitehost.co.nz/banner-

Sorry my grammar is still poor my writer is having a day

Cheers mate.

From: Dominic
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Aardvark will be missed

If you should stop Aardvark, I will surely miss it.

There is no doubt in my mind that you have influenced the
IT industry in NZ.

I fear that your absence will erode any constructive
developments that have put certain IT efforts on proper

IT is a complex field and few people have a thorough and
integral understanding of it and how it relates to social,
political, and economic development.

I gather that most of those that read Aardvark are those
few. And it's damn bloody nice (and crucial) that we have
such people in NZ!

I'm sure there is a "similar" Aardvark on the Net, perhaps
not catering for a NZ audience but nonetheless, some of the
content does apply to NZ.

From: Peter Harrison
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Nooooooo!!!!

The loss of Aardvark would be simply a tradegy. I remember
waking up and logging on to Aarkvark on the morning of
Sept 11 - and seeing the twin towers. Thats how I found
out - by Aardvark - not CNN.

I believe Aardvark has been an excellent resource for the
IT community, and I for one would be very sorry to see it

There are two issues of course. First there is the money
to keep it going - hosting costs. By hosting overseas
perhaps we can reduce the hosting cost. At about 10GB a
month (I think that was the figure) I think we could find
some companies to sponsor Aardvark - I for one would be
keen to fund hosting.

The second issue is the time Bruce spent on writing
articles each day. Perhaps we could turn Aardvark into a
New Zealand Slashdot? Less the comments about stories
perhaps. We could have a pool of writers. Perhaps this
would mean loosing the appeal of Bruce's writing style,
but why not have a wider range of opnions?

Perhaps we can revisit how much Aardvark costs to run, and
see if we can find a way to fund it trough other avenues.


From: Grant
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Sorry to see you go

I have enjoyed your writing over the last couple of years.
I wish you all the best for the future and the X-Jet.
Hopefully we will see you name pop-up on other sites in the
future when something/someone needs to be set straight.

From: Tom Scott
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: The future,

I am very saddened to read of your possible closing down
of Aardvark. I would miss such a publication. It is the
first thing I read every day when I go online.

You have provided me with some very interesting news and
coloumns that don't get published anywhere else.

I do hope you keep going in some form or other.


From: Geoff Pooch
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Aarvark survival instinct

I'd very sad to hear of Aardvarks impending demise.
It has the first website I look at every morning, finding
the rant and rave to be informative and invigorating, and
the links to news columns valuable.

Lose the news links, but keep feeding us your ravings.
IDG and others are stomping in with news links, and it's
difficult to compete with their muscle. But your opinions
are more meaty that the skilled musings of Paul B.
(which I also enjoy).

Perhaps an Aarvark weekly will rear it's head with
some precise commentary, especially topics the mainstream
press are relucant to cover...

Thanks for many years of excellent reporting.


(with sudden pangs of guilt that I haven't donated to
the Aardvark begging bowl)

From: Philip S
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: For a couple of years its been my homepage

Will be sad to see you go if/when you do =(
As of yet I've not found a better homepage, nzcity didn't
do it, slashdot was a little too technical, nz
herald...when you can see past the adds I can pick up the
paper etc etc. All of those are great for some people, but
aardvark was the one for me.
Good luck on the Jet Engine Bruce

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