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Political Spam referenced In Aardvark Daily 18 June 2002

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[ACTNOW] The Failure of Neo-Liberalism

 Monday 17 Jun 2002
 Press Releases -- Economic Policy

Between 1984 and 1991 New Zealand implemented a total of 100
major economic reforms. These consisted of selling state owned
assets, opening up the economy and imposing economic targets on
the public sector. New Zealand has consequently been transformed
from the most regulated economy in the OECD to one of the most
open and unregulated.

In the period between 1984 and 2000 New Zealand suffered the
lowest average economic growth rate in the OECD. This has been
despite New Zealand's honest competent judiciary and civil service,
secure property rights, well educated work force and a population
responsive to innovation. New Zealand thus had and continues to
boost excellent capitalist institutions. Additionally during this period
New  Zealand's terms of trade were good and exports therefore should have

Neo-Liberalism through the cutting of social services has
also had disastrous social effects. Benefit cuts have seen poverty
return with a vengeance to New Zealand as evidenced by the
increasing number of cases of third world diseases. Under funding of
education has lead to regular teacher strikes and to a situation where the
majority of tertiary students are now saddled with debt leading many of
New Zealand's brightest to leave the country for good.

After rigorous intellectual thought and debate we have come to accept the
unmitigated failure of these policies and would like to apologise to the
90% of New Zealand's who have seen their standard of living deteriorate.
Our ideology bankrupt we have chosen to campaign in this election on the
populist issues of law and order and lowering taxes.

Many countries around the world (the ex Soviet Union, Latin
America) followed our lead in implementing Neo-Liberal reforms.
Every one of these countries has experienced social and economic
disarray. We thus call upon the IMF, the World Bank and other
developmental organisations to overturn the requirement for nations
to implement Neo-Liberal reforms before they can receive
development aid.


For more information visit ACT online at http://www.act.org.nz or
contact the ACT Parliamentary Office at act@parliament.govt.nz.
Responses are also welcome at this address.

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