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Reader Comments on Aardvark Daily 2 July 2002

Note: the comments below are the unabridged submissions of readers and do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher.


From: Peter
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: MS backdoor via EULA

The ability of MS to alter software on a users PC without
permission is seriously concerning.  Another concern is
that to achive this, MS must have programmed in a backdoor
type of access into Windows / WMP.  If MS can do things on
your PC without your permission, then potentially other
people could do likewise.  And it appears a firewall /
virus checker won't protect you.

I moved my home PC across to Linux last year, and I'm glad
I did.

From: Gavin
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)

I was going to purchase Windows XP pro next month for my
main system at home, but now after MS's "big brother"
attitude in their software, Ill be going to the Linux camp
and keep a copy of 98/2k installed just for games and hope
they (MS) dont take over my keyboard just as Im about to
win a game ;)

While researching an error for a client I came across this
in the MS Support database. I dont think it will be a
popular link anymore (if it ever was) ;)


From: Peter
For : Right Of Reply (for publication)
Subj: Advantage GROUP

Let us not forget who "designed" the abortion of the DomaiNZ registration
system. (Advantage GROUP)

Showing absolutely NO experience or "feeling" about internet-based
systems, they put something together which somehow managed to avoid all
the existing and built-in standards of things "Internet" and started from
(ground?) zero.

Was it late? (yes)

Was it over budget? (yes)

Was it delivered to specification, or did it need changes to operate? (it
needed critical changes made to get it to actually work)

Who was in charge at DomaiNZ when Advantage GROUP was selected?
(Patrick...... ;-)

I've been following the Advantage GROUP share price with interest over the
years, and I take some comfort from knowing that the (investment) market
are wise to Advantage GROUP's general incompetence away from core

Another gem they promoted that crashed and burned:  Internet browser
enabled EFTPOS machines.  (good gawd).

If it wasn't for their bread and butter income from their basic EFTPOS
offerings, this company would have been down the toilet a long time ago.

From: Scott Bruce
For : The Editor (for publication)
Subj: Advantage Name

With the ink still not dry on the court decission handed
down to Advantage Group after a lengthy High Court
Trademark ruling and one that Advantage Group are more
likely to appeal and fight on.
But I ask - what is in a name and is it worth a battle? The
cost of fighting to keep the Advantage brand has been
costly for both Advantage Group and Advantage Computers
with only Advantage Group making provisions for the expense
2 years previous, money better spent in a re-branding
exercise. A good example of such being Fontera, although
not legally bound to change its name has leveraged a new
brand of quality in a short space of time.

Advantage Group have been through the mill in recent years,
with acquisitions of high performing tech companies such as
Campbell Pope, WebMasters and Glazier the dot com bubble
burst, world terrorism  and various non performing
Executive acululating in  losses of 65 million.
So, where to now? Perhaps a great oppurtunity to change the
brand name?
Tony Bradley appointed last year has turned the company
fortunes around and is forcasted to deliver and put the
Group back in the black to the tune in excess of 4.4
million. A solid platform has also been laid by a refocused
Evan Christian (Chairman) bringing Peter Taylor and David
Wolfenden onto the Advantage Group Board to oversee the
running of the Group.

Where many tech companies have suffered and faded into the
distance in recent times, Advantage have shown their worth
and survived the storm ready to deliver a strong result for
its embattled shareholders. With no help from local NZ
Herald media reporters, Bryan Gaynor seems to have pleasure
in running Advantage into the ground, not suitable practice
for the shareholder he is.
Expect to see a stronger year to come with Bradly at the
wheel and push for global footprints.

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