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NZ, a nation of voyeuristic perverts?

2 March 2018

The lengths our media will go to in order to earn a dollar.

In the past week or two there has been a tsunami of stories published by the local mainstream media that paints New Zealand in a very poor light.

Are these stories true?

Well it only takes a moment or two's scrutiny by anyone with half a brain to realise that although there may be a germ of truth involved, the bulk of what's being reported is utter garbage... designed solely to generate clickbait headlines, eyes on pages and international syndication fees.

What am I talking about?

Well I'm talking about a series of stories that depict Kiwis as voyeuristic perverts who'll go to any length to get lurid pictures or video of their fellow countrymen (and women) in intimate settings.

I'm talking about NZers who are spying on each other using cameras to defeat the privacy normally provided by the fences and four walls of the family home.

Let's take a look at the long (and growing) list of media reports from the NZ MSM claiming drone operators are spying on people:

Most of these have been syndicated to overseas rags such as the Daily Mail, the Mirror etc., so now the whole world thinks we're a bunch of pervs with flying cameras.

But wait... it's not just drone users who are spying on their fellow citizens and trying to catch them in a naked or semi-naked state:

Woman spies cellphone peeping in her bathroom window

Yes, it seems that those evil drone-flying pervs are not averse to whipping out their smartphone to get some footage, when the opportunity presents itself.

Oh dear!

And, it seems that if NZers are anything like the rest of the world, at least 1 in 4 are sexting.


Of course most of the NZ stories about drone-pervs are riddled with inconsistencies, factual errors and impossibilities and this betrays the very clear intention to simply draw eyes to pages and generate revenue.

For example, the second story in the group above claims that a "camouflaged" drone was seen outside a woman's window.

How was this drone camouflaged?

Well, according to the report, it had a flashing red light on it!

What was it camouflaged as... an ambulance perhaps?

There also seems to be some inconsistency in that story as to whether the curtains were drawn or open -- but pfft... forget about the facts, focus on the sensationalism that sells advertising... right?

Oh how the mighty (fourth estate) has fallen.

Ah well, I'd better charge up some batteries, polish my lenses and head out to see what glimpses of nudity I can catch with my "super-stealth drone"... you know, the one with the onboard sirens, lasers, "high powered camera" and flashing red lights.

After all, I have the nation's new international reputation for voyeurism to maintain!

Film at eleven!

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