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Risen from the dead

9 March 2018

Yes, t'is I, Lazarus, risen from the dead!

Well not quite... because I still feel like death, just slightly warmed up.

After checking online, I'm not sure if I have a very mild case of the flu or a rather bad cold. My eyes hurt, my skin hurts, my hair hurts but I don't have much in the way of a stuffy nose and only a rather dry occasional cough.

I certainly have been running a temperature and slept (or tried to) for all but three or four hours on Wednesday.

In short, I've been feeling very, very crappy.

But today, things have improved a little so I am dragging myself from my sweat-laden sheets to do battle with the keyboard and bring you another dose of Aardvark Daily (geez, ain't I great? :-)

So today, a couple of topics on which I don't have to apply much thought -- because readers have sent me the heads-up.

Trusty Ian pointed me at this story and adds "There must be some way folk can make a living in music, maybe busking is still the surest income if you’re any good".

Yep, as I've written several times before in this column, life as a full-time YouTuber is not an easy one, nor is it lucrative. The incomes quoted in that story are about dead-on, and I know that because *I* also get about a million views a month.

The reality is that I suspect far too many people expect that they'll just make a couple of viral videos a month and then retire on the income. Nope... doesn't work that way.

It's a hard slog churning out content week after week while remaining relevant, entertaining and informative. Far too few people have the stamina or work-ethic to invest what is needed in order to live off the meagre earnings that YouTube delivers by way of its ad-revenue sharing scheme.

What is good though is that I notice a lot of up and coming new musicians have successfully used YT as a launching point for their careers. They post their work, gain a band of loyal fans then crowdfund an album. This part all seems to work very well and has been repeated countless times.

The wheels only really fall off the wagon when some recording studio then comes along and offers them a contract -- at which stage far too many (IMHO) are seduced by the promise of fame and fortune. They sign up and often they're never heard of again. It seems that sometimes the fans of indie performers aren't as much a fan once the people they've followed and supported for years are seduced by the studio system.

Another reader emailed me to say "Am I right in thinking that the census collection system is being run from the USA ( ip ) , and thus StatsNZ promise that our data is protected under the Statistics Act 1975 is pretty much cow manure?"

Well that is indeed a *very* good question... and perhaps one that the mainstream media should be asking. What's that, they're too busy writing overhyped stories about drones spying on people in their back yards or carrying NZALPA press releases demanding the registration of these toys?

Of course they are... (sigh!).

Does anyone know anything more about the infrastructure used for the online census, where the data was collected and stored (even temporarily)? Given the huge amount of international state-sponsored hacking going on, do we have any assurances at all that this data was protected from prying eyes?

There we go... that's me for the end of the week. I will now slink back to bed and pretend to feel well.

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