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Here comes the big one?

17 May 2018

The mainscream media is at it again.

A number of news sites are carrying stories which act as portents of doom today, on the subject of volcanoes and earthquakes around the Pacific "ring of fire".

Stuff, the New Zealand version of that illustrious tome "The Daily Mail" is telling us that the South Island's Alpine Fault is due to go off and cause widespread destruction throughout half the country.

Yes, according to geological records, this fault has a major movement every 300 years or so and is now significantly overdue to let go and produce violent quakes that could savage the bottom half of the nation. These quakes would apparently make the Christchurch quakes look like peanuts.

Should we be worried? Surely Stuff wouldn't engage in scaremongering in order to ear a few dollars from the eyeballs of frightened Kiwis... would they?

But if you think we're facing doom and destruction, spare a thought for the West Coast of North America...

Another mainscream "news" site, The Express, has warned that in the wake of the recent volcanic activity in Hawaii, " the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ could follow suit, producing a mega-eruption that could destroy much of the west coast of America".


The same worthy publication has issued an "ALERT" after the Philippines was struck by an earthquake that it says is related to the surge in activity around "the ring of fire".


The Daily Star is reporting A HUGE 6.2 earthquake off Papua New Guinea late last week and again, it's attributed to this recent increase in stress around "the ring of fire".


Let's also not forget that it was just last month that Mount Io in Japan erupted for the first time in 250 years.

Is this just too much of a coincidence to ignore the warnings that these obviously over-qualified media-hacks are dishing out on an almost daily basis? Just what are the facts?

Well when it comes to "the ring of fire" there can only be one source for objective, science-based information: Johny Cash.

Yes, if we look at the clickbait stories flooding the tabloid media at the moment it becomes very clear that there is a proven link between "Cash" and "the ring of fire".

'Nuff said!

But seriously... is anyone (apart from the accountants in the UK tabloid press) really worried about the possibility that we're about to see (or maybe are already seeing) an abnormally high level of activity around the edge of the Pacific Plate?

Or do we simply not bother worrying about (other than taking the usual disaster-preparedness measures) the things over which we clearly have zero control?

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