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Is this the new YouTube?

21 June 2019

As I've mentioned in the past, many YouTube content creators are getting pretty hacked off with the company's attitudes, restrictions and seemingly inconsistent application of its policies regarding monetization and even the total deletion of some channels.

The big names, such as Pewdiepie, Cassey Neistat and others have all lashed out at recent changes by YouTube and the effect such changes are having on the viability of being a "full time YouTuber".

Many, many people are now saying "we can't wait for a real competitor to YouTube to emerge"... but everyone's still waiting.

Or are they?

I watched a very interesting video yesterday which was clearly a "pitch" for a newly launched YouTube alternative. Titled Why everyone's leaving YouTube, the video consists of little more than excerpts from popular YouTubers griping about the problem -- and also introduces LBRY.

What is LBRY and is it really a contender to steal away content creators from YouTube?

Well according to the LBRY website, this is a distributed (P2P) video publishing platform that promises to eradicate the fear of being "demonetized" or having your channel completely deleted in the blink of an eye by eliminating censorship and commercial agendas.

When I first saw this I though "hmmm... sounds like a plan, let's see how it runs".

It was then that I decided "this probably isn't going to fly".


Well it's not a web-based platform. It requires downloading an app for your phone/tablet or a program for your computer so count me out (at least for now).

One of the best things about YouTube is that I can access it anywhere, any time from any web-browser. Even on a smartphone I can use a browser to watch YouTube videos. Having to download an install some software (and these days, *every* download is potential malware) is just too much work and risk.

If you're going to pitch an alternative to a site with such a huge market-dominance you really do have to make it super-easy to access and use.

I see no reason why LBRY is any better than BitChute and BitChute let's you use your regular, already installed web-browser!

Sorry, LBRY may be a great idea and offer benefits over YT -- but so does BitChute (without the hurdles).

Nope, we're still waiting for a real YT alternative and I suspect we'll be waiting for a while longer.

Maybe (hopefully) I'll get enough time to further my own concept of creating a global network of Raspberry Pi video servers to create the same distributed video serving system but until then, I guess YouTube remains king, warts and all.

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