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A powerful statement

13 February 2020

Today I am going to share a video with you.

This video was created by a 15-year-old school kid in the USA.

This video says more in its brief four and a half minutes than anyone else has managed to say in countless hours of rants, outbursts and monologues on the subject.

This young man has performed the impossible. He has distilled a huge amount of information and emotion into a package and a timeframe that I did not believe it was possible to create.

Take four and a half minutes out of your busy day and watch this...

This video demonstrates a number of important things

Firstly, it demonstrates that video can be an incredibly potent and powerful way to get your message across.

Secondly, it shows that age is no measure of wisdom and insight.

Thirdly, it clearly demonstrates how wickedly dangerous the FAA's proposed new rules are to the USA's ability to compete in world that is filled with rapidly changing and advancing technology.

I have made it my mission to promote the snot out of this video because I believe that it has become the single most powerful tool that exists in the ongoing battle to fend off outrageous regulatory over-reach on the part of governments that have been hoodwinked by lobbyists and the tabloid media.

After I gave it a good plug on my own channel, this video went from 2,000 views to nearly 9,000 views overnight -- but that's nowhere near enough. This is a video that needs to be seen by people outside of the hobby. It needs to be seen by the decision-makers who've been convinced by large sums of money and a media which long ago sold-out the principles of the Fourth Estate for a piece of silver.

I would invite all Aardvark readers to share this video with their friends, especially those friends who may be under the misconception that recreational drones are all about spying, stalking, annoying and endangering the public. Let's open some eyes!

With luck, the mainstream media may (given sufficient nudging by the public) even decide to run with this video as the basis for a story that delivers some balance to the public's perception of just what "drones" are about.

Educators, lawmakers, influencers and parents should all watch this and learn from it.

Of course here in New Zealand, 10,000 Km away from all the fuss in the USA, we might be tempted to simply shrug our shoulders and mitter "stupid Americans" -- but that would be an incredibly naive thing to do. For where the USA goes, New Zealand follows.

Sure, we don't have nuclear reactors or nuclear-armed US military vessels in our ports... but when it comes to regulation, NZ is a "slow follower" and the USA is leading the way.

It is (as the Airline Pilot's Association would say) only a matter of time before our own politicians force the hands of regulators here to impose similarly disastrous restrictions on drones and RC models in a way that will significantly impact *our* ability to get kids enthused over electronics, engineering, aerodynamics and the whole magical world of flight.

Mind you, if such rules reduce the death toll associated with the recreational use of drones then fair enough... oh, hang on, there has never been a single death associated with the recreational use of multirotor drones?

Hey, can someone please tell me again what is the problem that the USA is trying to solve with all these draconian restrictions?

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